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We Are In The Making - Ghonsla - Meta - Instagram JPG
We Are In The Making - Ghonsla - Meta - Instagram MP4 32s

We Are In The Making - Ghonsla
Brand: Instagram
Client: Meta
Entrant: DDB Mudra Group

We Are In The Making - Ghonsla - Instagram - Meta

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: We Are In The Making - Ghonsla
Brand: Instagram
Client: Meta
Entrant Company: DDB Mudra Group
Description: Young India wanted to express their work-in-progress selves, without the fear of failing or criticism from others. And Instagram was the best space for that, especially Reels, because nothing here was set in stone and it was an ecosystem that celebrated experimentation – with an always evolving roster of creators and community. We had to make sure that Young India knew that just like them, Instagram believed ‘We are in the Making’.

‘We are in the Making’ was all about partnering with young creators in their journey of crafting their WIP-ness to unleash a vision of what’s possible through trial and discovery.

In this film, we tapped into the inflection point in a young creator’s journey - empathizing with her doubts about her ‘bushy hair’ that her brother playfully calls a ‘Ghonsla’ (translation: bird’s nest), and showed how she overcame self-doubt by writing and performing a powerful rap song on Reels, that celebrated her individuality in an inspiring and original way.

This film received 20 lakh+ views – on owned channels alone and was widely shared – encouraging many more to create and share their WIP selves.
English Translation: Film translation:

Mom: Tanaya, where are my slippers?

Tanaya: It’s down there, mum.

Brother: Hey, a bird’s nest!


Hair or a nest?

What a dilemma it is?

They look at it and laugh.

Like hello, what’s the joke?

Proud to be born, this way.

Give no heed to what people say.

Writing my rap all day, the verses on my lips.

They call my head an egg, I don’t know why.

I am me so just let me be.

You do you, I’ll do mine.

From very shy Tanaya to very cool Tanaya.

We are in the making.
Company Credits: DDB Mudra Group
Company Credits: Chalk and Cheese Films
Individual Credits: Team DDB Mudra Group
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