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Education For All
Brand: BYJU'S
Client: Think And Learn Pvt Ltd
Entrant: Think And Learn Pvt Ltd

Education For All - BYJU'S - Think And Learn Pvt Ltd

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Entry Title: Education For All
Brand: BYJU'S
Client: Think And Learn Pvt Ltd
Entrant Company: Think And Learn Pvt Ltd
Description: Problems like poverty and accessibility keep millions of children in India away from education. The pandemic made the situation even worse by moving schools online. Thousands of schools were permanently shut across India.

BYJU'S being an edtech brand has always been an advocate of good education. To solve this problem, BYJU'S launched EDUCATION FOR ALL. An initiative to provide quality education to children across India.

The program is a public-pvt partnership where BYJU'S provides education through NGO partners. After running the program for a year, BYJU'S wanted to increase people's participation and hence we created this film.

The film captures the work that has been done so far and how BYJU'S is giving hope and happiness to millions of kids across India. Shot with real kids, the film shows the need and impact of EFA. It encourages people to join hands with BYJU'S. The music which is the soul of the film is actually Table of 2. It weaves mathematics with importance and need of education to create a beautiful and joyful narrative.

The film received great love. It has clocked over 120 Mn views across channels. Brand received positive word -of-mouth. 100 + NGOs have contacted us for partnership. Thousands of people have donated their devices to help the program further.
Company Credits: BYJU'S
Company Credits: Dora Digs
Individual Credits: Divya Gokulnath
Individual Credits: Vineet Singh
Individual Credits: Vishal Sagar
Individual Credits: Adityan Kayalakal
Individual Credits: Aakriti Kaul
Individual Credits: Ajinkya Ketkar
Individual Credits: Deepali Agarwal
Individual Credits: Anshul Kapur
Individual Credits: Akshay Shah
Individual Credits: Muskan Singhal
Individual Credits: Avnish K
Individual Credits: Sneha Khanwalkar
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