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Master Ji
Brand: BYJU'S
Client: Think And Learn Pvt Ltd
Entrant: Think And Learn Pvt Ltd

Master Ji - BYJU'S - Think And Learn Pvt Ltd

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Entry Title: Master Ji
Brand: BYJU'S
Client: Think And Learn Pvt Ltd
Entrant Company: Think And Learn Pvt Ltd
BYJU'S is all about teachers. In fact, the EdTech company is named after one. In the post-pandemic world, online classes was the buzz word. The plight of children and parents made headlines as they struggled to adapt to online teaching. But teachers' struggle went unnoticed. The changes they had to face. The things they had to learn and unlearn.

BYJU'S is an EdTech brand that is fast replacing tuitions and private coaching. This has led to many teachers losing on additional income. Teachers see BYJU'S in negative light and consider it as a brand working against them.

Create a positive brand image in the teacher community
Create Brand Love among primary audience - Students and their parents

In tune with our objectives of creating a positive brand image among teachers, students and their parents, we decided to showcase a story that no one was talking about.

BYJU'S is an online education platform and it understands the challenges of online the most. When the pandemic forced the schools to move online, everyone struggled - teachers, students, parents and schools. While people and media voiced the struggles of parents and students, teachers's struggles went mostly unnoticed.

We decided to show the struggles of our teachers. We adopted an honest, indie approach towards storytelling and created a short film depicting the life of a biology teacher, Tyagi Sir. His continuous struggles with technology, and resulting helplessness forces him to quit just like thousands of teachers out there.

The film opened Indians' eyes and changed their perspective on online teaching. It created a positive buzz for teachers and ultimately for BYJU'S.
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