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India found love
Brand: OYO
Client: OYO
Entrant: OYO

India found love - OYO - OYO

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Entry Title: India found love
Brand: OYO
Client: OYO
Entrant Company: OYO
Description: Apart from English language, newspapers are published in India in more than 100 languages and readership is based on regional languages. Our brief was simple, if love breaks all barriers then language, clearly is one of them. Using the 2nd largest national daily which is read across all states in different languages, we disrupted the English daily with a regional ad. Kolkata edition had Punjabi ad, Chandigarh edition had Marathi ad. All supported by a QR code to help readers translate. Curious as we are, it worked!

India is a country of 28 states and 9 union territories, that are further divided by 121 languages, out of which 8 are recognised by the constitution of India. To make India fall in love on Valentine’s Day, we tried to bridge the language divide and bring 2 billion people closer than ever. On Monday morning, India woke up to an ad in their newspaper which was in an unknown language, published across 17 editions of the Hindustan Times. The ad carried poems and prose from celebrated writers across India. On scanning the QR code, the reader is directed to a microsite that has the translated version, along with 8 other pieces in different languages, all expressing love.

Media Results;
We got 46,348 hits on the microsite from readers who scanned the QR code. That’s a CTR (QR Code scan) of 1.54% on a 3 Million Active Issue Readership base ��
For context the average click through rate in AdWords across all industries is 1.91% on the search network and .35% on the display network (

Business Results;
- Over 1 Lakh people stayed at an OYO during the valentine’s weekend, which started on Saturday and extended to Monday.
- The well-read newspaper audience rewarded us with their higher willingness to pay a premium for the brand post-campaign (+5%).
English Translation: Refer to the microsite for translations:
Company Credits: OYO
Individual Credits: Mayur Hola (SVP - Global Brand, OYO)
Individual Credits: Sanghamitra Chakraborty (Brand Operations Head)
Individual Credits: Prateek Suri (Head of Creative - Brand)
Individual Credits: Nishant Jayaswal (Global Brand Strategist)
Individual Credits: Rajat Agarwal (Head of Art - Brand)
Individual Credits: Megha Joshi (Graphic Designer)
Individual Credits: Anissha Mazumder (Copy Lead)
Individual Credits: Satabhisa Bhaumik (Copywriter)
Individual Credits: Sunil Kumar (Graphic Designer)
Individual Credits: Lohitaksh Guliani (Social Media Manager)
Individual Credits: Ameya Desai (Director - Global Social)
Individual Credits: Bhartendu Vimal (Brand Manager- Media)
Individual Credits: Adityajit Shergil (Copywriter)
Individual Credits: Rakesh Kumar (Graphic Designer)
Individual Credits: Vedika Duggal (Copywriter)
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