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A Better Way To Teach
Brand: XSEED
Client: XSEED Education
Entrant: Mangopost

A Better Way To Teach - XSEED - XSEED Education

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: A Better Way To Teach
Brand: XSEED
Client: XSEED Education
Entrant Company: Mangopost
Description: No students are born as blockheads - That was the main theme of XSeed education.
XSEED’s new campaign urges us to evaluate the education system in India. Schools aren’t just brick-and-mortar structures and great teachers with the right approach can change the lives of their students in many ways.

CGI was one of the most important elements of this campaign video, as the students shown as the blockhead are living beings hurt and undermined by the teacher. Each and every blockhead showed in the video has feelings, they are students trying to do better but getting no help from the teachers. All the blockheads showcased in the video were designed in 3D individually and each of them was animated separately with precise direction. The intense process of handling 3D blockheads for a video ranging over three minutes was carried out by the expert 3D team of Mangopost guided by Ram Kumar Sundaram and Mohan Babu Palani. All the 3D assets are rendered in the blender and composited in After effects. The campaign delivers a strong message that no students are born blockheads and urges to evaluate and change the ways in which students are taught and treated.
English Translation: My mother always says…
New school does not mean that you only get new uniforms, new books,
new teachers but you also get new friends.
Come here
Solve this
What are you looking at?
Keep daydreaming and now come stand here like a log of wood.
Blockhead blockhead.
If you don’t listen in the class, this is how you will be
How am I ever gonna teach you anything?
That’s how I too became just like my friends
One day a new principal came to our school
Everything is wrong, why am I even teaching you… absolute waste
Go back to your classroom dear.
No one is born as a blockhead.
If the students don’t understand what we teach, it’s not their fault.
If we don’t give them the proper foundation, their future will be spoilt.
So let’s change the way we teach and
Let's teach them in the method they easily understand.
If we take energy from sunlight, the future of the world will shine bright.
If the students don’t understand what we teach, it’s not their fault,
the fault is with the method we teach.
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Company Credits: Mangopost - CGI, VFX, Animation and Digital Intermediate
Company Credits: Kadhai Films - Production House
Company Credits: OPN - Creative Agency
Individual Credits: CGI and Visual Effects Project Lead - Ramkumar Sundaram
Individual Credits: CGI and Visual Effects Supervisor - Mohan Babu Palani
Individual Credits: 3D Lead - Issac Emmanuel
Individual Credits: Lead Compositor - Vignesh M Krishnan
Individual Credits: Colourist - Suresh Ravi
Individual Credits: Conformist - Franklin
Individual Credits: Character Design - Nishok Apri
Individual Credits: Illustration - Rohit
Individual Credits: Director - George K Antoney
Individual Credits: Producer - Hari Prasad Uday
Individual Credits: Co-Producer - Farooq Mohammad
Individual Credits: Creative - Chokka (OPN)
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