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OYO Care
Brand: OYO
Client: OYO
Entrant: OYO

OYO Care - OYO - OYO

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Entry Title: OYO Care
Brand: OYO
Client: OYO
Entrant Company: OYO
Description: It was during the pandemic that we realised the status of healthcare in India. With only 8.5 hospital beds and 8 physicians available per 10,000 people, 400000 daily active cases wrecked havoc on healthcare professionals. OYO, was determined to help but with maximum people isolating themselves at home, how could we help? With OYO Care, we helped people self-monitor by sending out a DIY kit with India's 2nd largest National daily.

We used our ad space to not write 'we care', but instead created graphs and tables for individuals to track well-being and recovery. Making it an activity to keep them engaged as well. Placed on the masthead, all 3 ads were designed to be cut out easily and kept handy. With enough breathing space to make notes on a monotone background for easy writing, these were mini DIY self-care kits.

- 3.5 million homes got self monitoring, DIY kits delivered to their home (via their newspaper).
- The help centre number given on the kits (print ads) received 750000+ calls seeking help and advice.
Company Credits: OYO
Individual Credits: Mayur Hola (SVP - Global Brand, OYO)
Individual Credits: Sanghamitra Chakraborty (Brand Operations Head)
Individual Credits: Prateek Suri (Head of Creative - Brand)
Individual Credits: Nishant Jayaswal (Global Brand Strategist)
Individual Credits: Rajat Agarwal (Head of Art - Brand)
Individual Credits: Naman Kumar (Sr. Graphic Designer)
Individual Credits: Anissha Mazumder (Copy Lead)
Individual Credits: Satabhisa Bhaumik (Copywriter)
Individual Credits: Sunil Kumar (Graphic Designer)
Individual Credits: Akansha Bakshi (Brand Manager- Campaign)
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