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Pure As Love
Brand: Bhima Jewellery
Client: Bhima Jewellery
Entrant: Animal Advertising Pvt Ltd

Pure As Love - Bhima Jewellery - Bhima Jewellery

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Entry Title: Pure As Love
Brand: Bhima Jewellery
Client: Bhima Jewellery
Entrant Company: Animal Advertising Pvt Ltd
Description: Nearly six in 10 transgender persons drop out of school due to severe harassment. 99% have suffered social rejection on more than one occasion, including from their family.

Bhima Jewellery, a family-owned brand from the south of India, wanted its 96-year-old legacy to stand for something more meaningful. While planning Bhima’s bridal jewellery campaign, trans representation emerged as the cause we all felt strongly about. We were keen on trying a more progressive take than the trauma-ridden trans experience usually depicted in popular culture.

Our storytelling was inspired by a what-if. What if that 99% of trans persons did not have to suffer social and familial rejection.
How would unconditional love change their life?
These were some questions we explored as we created a trans utopia in the 100 seconds of ‘Pure as Love’

Then we married these answers with a little insight into Indian families. Where bridal jewellery isn't collected in a day or even a month – it’s more of a lifetime affair. Similarly, in our story, the family starts preparing for their daughter's future the day she comes out.
Of course, we cast a trans person to represent this journey.

Did all of this work?

In the age of 6-seconders, this 100-second film went viral and was not just appreciated by the general public but the community found it groundbreaking as well.

The film was viewed 2.4 million times. 178K likes. 8634 comments and not a single negative one – which is huge for such a polarising topic. Shared >150K times
Featured and appreciated by the biggest newspapers and the biggest personalities – all organically.
Company Credits: Animal, New Delhi
Individual Credits: Creative Head: Sayantan Choudhury
Individual Credits: Creative Head: Kunel Gaur
Individual Credits: Writer and Strategist: Sheetal Raghav
Individual Credits: Account Director: Sharon Borgoyary
Individual Credits: Account Director: Achal Kaushik
Individual Credits: Account Manager: Anubhuti Tyagi
Individual Credits: Art Director: Baptiste David
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