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Breaking Barriers
Brand: Unacademy
Client: Unacademy
Entrant: Hungry Films

Breaking Barriers - Unacademy - Unacademy

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Breaking Barriers
Brand: Unacademy
Client: Unacademy
Entrant Company: Hungry Films
Description: This commercial is a metaphorical representation of Dhoni’s life journey, meant to inspire students. To execute the same, Hungry Films uses an amalgamation of high-quality production along with cutting edge CGI techniques including first-of-its-kind use of game engines to create photo-real environments in real time.
English Translation: It's a simple, straightforward road ahead If the desire to learn burns bright.

Run... keep running and don’t ever stop! And keep chanting these words of wisdom...

Move every mountain, Neither wait nor tarry.
The hurdles along the way, Have paved the path ahead...
The roar of your victory, Rises from your losses...
Climb every peak, throw caution to the wind! Be fearless in this journey...don't crumble
in every journey you take

Set your eyes on the goal, if you can keep your focus
Every fear and doubts will turn to ashes.
Because the desire to learn burns bright.
Company Credits: Hungry Films LLP
Company Credits: Mullen Lowe Lintas India
Company Credits: RGBA Studios
Company Credits: Famous House of Animation
Individual Credits: Vijay Sawant
Individual Credits: Dharam Valia
Individual Credits: Jignesh Jhaveri
Individual Credits: Ravi Khandelwal
Individual Credits: Faramarz Wankadia
Individual Credits: Rohit Padwal
Individual Credits: Ankit Raghav
Individual Credits: Chirantan Bhatt
Individual Credits: Puneet Kapoor
Individual Credits: Viraj Adhav
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