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Brand: Royal Enfield
Client: Royal Enfield
Entrant: Coconut Productions

Home - Royal Enfield - Royal Enfield

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Home
Brand: Royal Enfield
Client: Royal Enfield
Entrant Company: Coconut Productions
Description: An introspection about what ‘home’ is takes a Ladakhi biker away from the chaos of the city to the tranquility of the country side, where she belongs. As she rides back home in the winters of Himalayas, we witness her reminiscing about memories. Her journey ends as she reaches her house in a remote village to witness something purely magical.

The film is interlaced with a metaphoric layer that’s a reminder of the Buddhist philosophy that dwells upon interconnectedness of the nature, the bond between the beings and embracing this magical creation. It reminds us that maybe as humans it’s time for us to go back to our roots - Nature. It’s this philosophy that made us question ‘if going the distance is not about how far away one will get but from what length one is willing to return home?’

A poetic approach has been taken with the cinematography of the film to bring out visual symbolism. To showcase the introspection of the protagonist, the film was consciously shot in the harsh winters of Ladakh utilising the winter light to create film-noir, low-key lighting style mood. The entire film has been shot in natural light using only the sun and fire as the source to create an authentic visual environment and stay true to the theme of the film.
Company Credits: Creative Coconut
Company Credits: Coconut Films
Individual Credits: Director: Aiman Ali
Individual Credits: Co-Founder & Executive Producer: Nupur Guha & Tushar Raut
Individual Credits: Producer: Suraj Shetty
Individual Credits: Director of Photography: Yash Khanna
Individual Credits: Starring: Chum Darang
Individual Credits: Music By : Sameer Uddin & Tanuj Tiku
Individual Credits: Sound Design & Mix : Chester Misquitta
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