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Mithra 181 - Kerala Government - KSWDC PNG
Mithra 181 - Kerala Government - KSWDC MP4 2m:19s

Mithra 181 - KSWDC
Client: Kerala Government

Mithra 181 - KSWDC - Kerala Government

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Mithra 181
Brand: KSWDC
Client: Kerala Government
Description: Respect and support women.
English Translation: Boy: Hey Guys, Welcome back to my channel. Today I'll be showing my home tour.
Father: I’m not working here to obey as you say. You are my employee
Boy: Looks like Dad is on a business call. So let's avoid that area
Father: There is no use in speaking the same matter again and again
Boy: Looks like mom arrived. Haa...Mom arrived. These are my sister's toys
Girl: Mom, I'll come now
Father: Since morning, I have been sitting in front of this computer without even drinking a drop of water
Girl: Hi friends
Mom: Mole, Come change your cloths
Father: Darling, a cup of tea
Father: I don't want to hear anything. 1 hour
Mom: Mole, Come change your cloths
Girl: Ya, coming
Boy: Come quickly after changing your clothes
Boy: This is our dining room. We keep books and toys here
Father: Tea
Mom: Yes, coming
Boy: This is her favourite toy
Girl: Show these..
Mom: Yes Dad, it's only 10 minutes. We just arrived. Oops, sorry...sorry, I'll get a towel
Mom: Dad, I'll call later
Mom: Kids
Mom: Sorry..sorry..sorry
Father: Sh..shh..shh
Mom: Kids
Father: How many times, how many times, how many times have I told you?

Do not hesitate
We are with you
Company Credits: Bicycle Films
Individual Credits: Writer / Director - Faizal Razi
Individual Credits: Exec Producer - Amena
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