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Mooh Band Rakho
Brand: HDFC Bank
Client: HDFC Bank

Mooh Band Rakho - HDFC Bank - HDFC Bank

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Entry Title: Mooh Band Rakho
Brand: HDFC Bank
Client: HDFC Bank
Description: The need to ‘Mooh Band Rakho’.

The pandemic put India at the forefront of digital transformation. Amid the coronavirus scare, efforts were made to encourage contactless digital payments over cash as a hygiene measure. Around 32% of the consumers increased their usage of digital payments via credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, and other UPI-based payment methods.
But there was also a concurrent increase in phishing campaigns and cyber frauds targeting digital users. A study revealed that during the lockdown period, frauds related to online banking recorded the highest increase of over 62%.

Identifying a need to educate consumers about common cyber fraudulent practices, raise awareness, and provide measures to prevent them, we launched the Mooh Band Rakho campaign.

Two-pronged approach as a common measure
The campaign was strategically created with the idea that the safest way to never share bank details is by keeping your mouth covered and not saying anything when asked for critical information. Similarly, keeping your mouth covered also happens to be the easiest way to prevent the spread of COVID and the best way to keep your mouth covered is by wearing a mask.

Perfect visual metaphor using AR
We launched an AR filter on Instagram that covered the face with a Mooh Band Rakho mask as one tried to speak. We leveraged it to create a symbolism of a mask that covers your face instantly when you try to give out critical details and it also visually helped spread awareness about wearing masks as a preventive measure for COVID. We used the face filter to harmonise our two-pronged approach, thus giving us the perfect visual metaphor for the campaign.

Through the filter, we digitally enhance the consumer’s experience with the real world and create an opportunity for them to connect more closely with the campaign. Making followers out brand ambassadors, we widened our reach and engagements.

The filter proved to be potential in amplifying the campaign, thus creating a seamless digital experience simultaneously. With 10.5K captures, the filter resulted in 4.1M impressions overall.
Company Credits: Kinnect
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