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Straps That Remind - Marks & Spencer India - Marks & Spencer India MP4 2m:00s

Straps That Remind - Marks & Spencer India
Client: Marks & Spencer India
Entrant: Isobar (A Division Of Dentsu International)

Straps That Remind - Marks & Spencer India - Marks & Spencer India

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Entry Title: Straps That Remind
Brand: Marks & Spencer India
Client: Marks & Spencer India
Description: On Women’s Day, women who visited Marks & Spencer stores received a life-saving gift called Straps That Remind. These unique transparent bra straps are designed to remind women to check themselves for signs of breast cancer when they are in their personal space. The straps are imprinted with the message of self-diagnosis, which disappears when they are worn and re-appears when taken off. It was achieved using a customised thermochromic ink that responds to body heat.

Developed in collaboration with Tata Memorial Hospital, these straps are the most personal way to talk to women about self-diagnosis, which is the need of the hour. In India, women are not reminded of self-examination at their homes and when communicated in public spaces, they put it off for later and often forget about it. Hence, resulting in 75% of women missing out on self-examination, leading to late detection and reduced chances of survival.
Company Credits: Isobar India (A Division of Dentsu International)
Individual Credits: Anish Varghese - Chief Creative Officer
Individual Credits: Anadi Sah - Executive Creative Director
Individual Credits: Vibhor Yadav - Senior Creative Ddirector
Individual Credits: Nehal Khosla - Art Director
Individual Credits: Amit Singh - Creative Director
Individual Credits: Sreejita Chakraborty - Associate Creative Director (Art)
Individual Credits: Taj Ali Naqvi - National Films Head
Individual Credits: Parwej Alam - Post Production Head
Individual Credits: Itee Jain - Senior Manager - Client Solutions
Individual Credits: Saniya Bijlani - Senior Group Head - Client Solutions
Individual Credits: Ilena Bose - Senior Manager - Social Media