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#KahanGayiCadbury - Mondelez India - Cadbury ChocoBakes Cakes MP4 2m:00s

Brand: Cadbury ChocoBakes Cakes
Client: Mondelez India

#KahanGayiCadbury - Cadbury ChocoBakes Cakes - Mondelez India

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: #KahanGayiCadbury
Brand: Cadbury ChocoBakes Cakes
Client: Mondelez India
Description: Pieces of work
• Logo missing from brand pages, billboards, direction signs.
• Celebrities reporting on social media
• PR articles
• Sweet secret party
• Launch TVC

New brand launch by Cadbury, Chocobakes Cakes - Cake with Cadbury hidden in it.

Getting people excited about a NEW launch; when the pandemic was making them seek comfort in the familiar order of things.

Together moments become even more special when we discover sweet but surprising secrets of those, we love.

Cadbury’s sweet secret - Your Cadbury, now in a Cake!

• We activated the campaign by making Cadbury logo disappear from packs of Gems, Dairy Milk, Silk. Brands reported the missing logo on social media and billboards.
• Celebrities, including Devam Bhagel, Asia’s record holding chocolate-wrapper-collector, reported that Cadbury was missing from his collection.
• Online articles on missing logo, increased speculation.
• As chatter increased, Chocobakes stepped in and announced #SweetSecretParty, with top influencers.
• The party led to launch of TVC and revealing of Cadbury’s sweet secret – Cadbury, now in a Cake!
English Translation: The film has English subtitles.
Company Credits: Ogilvy India
Company Credits: Wavemaker, Mumbai
Company Credits: 2&TWO, Mumbai
Individual Credits: Chief Creative Officers: Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Kainaz Karmakar, Sukesh Nayak, India
Individual Credits: Group Creative Director: Akshay Seth, Mumbai
Individual Credits: Senior Creative Director: Chinmay Raut, Mumbai
Individual Credits: Associate Creative Director: Arshia Jain, Pallavi Pardirkar, Mumbai
Individual Credits: Creative supervisor: Bhuvan Bali, Mumbai
Individual Credits: Art Director: Meghana Natarajan, Mumbai
Individual Credits: Account Director, Swapna Divekar, Mumbai
Individual Credits: Planning Director, Sanketa Kapse, Mumbai
Individual Credits: Account Supervisor, Anjali Negi, Mumbai
Individual Credits: General Manager - Account Lead, Brajesh Dwivedi, Mumbai
Individual Credits: Client Partner - Account lead, Harshvardhan Desireddy, Mumbai
Individual Credits: Business Director, Vasim Rakhangi, Mumbai
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