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Brand: Pepsi
Client: PepsiCo India

#SaveOurRestaurants - Pepsi - PepsiCo India

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Entry Title: #SaveOurRestaurants
Brand: Pepsi
Client: PepsiCo India
Description: During Covid-19, as India entered complete lockdown, 4 out of 10 restaurants were at the brink of shutting down. Around 3 million restaurant workers lost their jobs. Pepsi and food-industry have been joined to the hip, growing together for last 30 years. Today, the food industry faced existential crisis - those who served us our favourite dishes were struggling to get their next basic meal.

Pepsi showed up during crisis and designed an industry-first Save Our Restaurants program. A novel collaboration with India’s largest online food-delivery app and National Restaurant Association of India empowering people at home to make a difference to the lives of marginalized restaurant workers, through just the click of a button. While ordering your favourite meal online, add ANY soft drink to cart (not limited only to Pepsi, even our competitor’s products), and Pepsi would ensure an unemployed restaurant worker’s family got food on their table.

#SaveOurRestaurants reversed the concept of home-delivered meals as consumers helped donate 2.5 million meals directly to jobless workers’ homes! Stepping-up when it matters, #SaveOurRestaurants not just provided food security to marginalized workers but also helped Pepsi grow to be the #1 soft drink brand on India’s largest online food-delivery app.
Company Credits: Wunderman Thompson India
Company Credits: PepsiCo India
Company Credits: Mindshare India
Individual Credits: Senthil Kumar, Chief Creative Officer, Wunderman Thompson
Individual Credits: Udayan Chakravarty, Vice President and Executive Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson
Individual Credits: Dushyant Chopra, Vice President and Executive Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson
Individual Credits: Vishal Kaul, Vice President & Business Head, Beverages, India Region, PepsiCo India
Individual Credits: Tarun Bhagat, Director, Marketing, Hydration and Cola, PepsiCo India
Individual Credits: Saumya Rathor, Senior Brand Manager PepsiCo India
Individual Credits: Shubhrojyoti Roy, Snr. VP & Executive Planning Director, Wunderman Thompson
Individual Credits: Charu Bhatnagar, VP & Executive Business Director, Wunderman Thompson,
Individual Credits: Barkha Tiwari, Copy Supervisor, Wunderman Thompson
Individual Credits: Nishtha Sharma, Junior Copywriter, Wunderman Thompson
Individual Credits: Gurmeet Singh, Creative Director (Art)
Individual Credits: Prashant Choudhary, Client Services Director, Wunderman Thompson
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