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#MyBullet - Royal Enfield - Royal Enfield JPG

Brand: Royal Enfield
Client: Royal Enfield

#MyBullet - Royal Enfield - Royal Enfield

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Entry Title: #MyBullet
Brand: Royal Enfield
Client: Royal Enfield
Link To Website:
Description: The power of the Royal Enfield community is measured in stories.

At any given point of time, there are thousands of stories tying all RE riders together. What we realised was that just like all stories, these can get lost with the passage of time too. We decided that we must take action, and make sure that these are collected in one place, and are easily accessable. We used tech make a digital storybook on our website.

We asked riders to share their stories about the RE Bullet - our most iconic motorcycle. We collected 1000+ stories and converted them into interactable, shareable tiles. Stories about first rides, love, inheritance, and much more.

We created space on our own servers. This page was made with the singular intent to build our brand, and more importantly, the Royal Enfield community. People still come to read these stories - now immortalised.
Company Credits: DDB Mudra Group
Individual Credits: Team DDB Mudra
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