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Raktanchal - MX Player
Client: MX Player

Raktanchal - MX Player - MX Player

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Entry Title: Raktanchal
Brand: MX Player
Client: MX Player
With new users flocking to OTT platforms amidst a nationwide lockdown – MX Player decided to up the ante of entertainment with Raktanchal – a high octane, action packed crime drama inspired by real events from the 80s of Purvanchal, Uttar Pradesh. Exploring the concept of thekedaari - this story revolves around the time when the state’s development work was distributed through tenders and explores a surreal journey into the brutality set in the Indian hinterland.

With this launch, the platform aimed to redefine heartland dramas (a genre that is overall an OTT favorite) and bring back the big, bad, and bold gangsters to your preferred choice of screen. The objective was to drive new user engagement and create awareness for this series – without traditional marketing tools like OOH, outdoor events etc due to the pandemic.

The campaign was designed to compel audiences to pick a side between the two protagonists. Unlike the usual right vs wrong dilemma, this particular choice rested between choosing the lesser of the two evils as we introduced Waseem and Vijay, two menacing villains that the viewer would normally love to hate.

THE STRATEGY: To stand out amidst the clutter of shows/films that have also used Crime in UP as the background, we devised a two-pronged approach to get the viewer invested in the journey of the protagonists, as opposed to making it about a general crime drama.

To build the two iconic gangsters/villains in the series and get audiences involved in their journey, their motives and the power politics that they’re ensconced in. Hence, we introduced viewers to the criminal empire of Waseem Khan (Nikitin Dheer) who rules the tender mafia and his challenger, a young criminal Vijay Singh (Kranti Prakash Jha) who is driven by vengeance.

We then established the world of Raktanchal that is fertile ground for crime, corruption, crude guns and harped on the mafia-raj culture that bled this region one bullet at a time.

With all on-ground initiatives being disrupted and a large void created with the lack of OOH and events, we rechanneled our efforts to reach consumers where they are most active and devised action points with TV, Digital, Local Cable, Social and PR as mediums to drive buzz.

Breaking away from the usual route of show promotions, we launched the campaign by introducing the two protagonists of the series and positioned them as strong, power hungry men driven by their own motives of power, greed and vengeance. This was done through two robust promos for both the characters, highlighting their individual strengths.

These promos were further boosted on social media through influencer/celebrity shout-outs which saw support from Siddharth Malhotra, Ravi Dubey, Nakuul Mehta, Nia Sharma, Dishank Arora, Amit Tandon, Varun Tej Konidela, Shiv Panditt, and Kushal Tandon amongst others.

We then established the world of Raktanchal in an engaging trailer, highlighting the theme of thekedari, tender wars and the constant battle waged by the two leads. These assets were taken up a notch by creating engaging content with their commanding dialogues, which struck a chord with audiences. One of the tools that received instant appreciation were the memes that were created. India’s leading meme pages, meme creators and web show pages were brought on board to create additional buzz.

With digital experiences replacing in-person experiences, we asked users to board the ‘Raktanchal Express’, who on their way to Purvanchal, are introduced to the gangsters and the world they live in. This was executed via a series of interactive Instagram stories.

Intrigue for the battle between Waseem and Vijay was further strengthened with periodic snippets/ listicles and interviews of the lead cast; the campaign saw various portals such as Dainik Jagran, India Forums, Tellychakkar, Hindustan Times, Quint, Rediff, Republic World, AajTak and Midday amongst others, carry news about the series.

We also found the perfect opportunity to seed in the ‘Waseem vs Vijay’ sentiment, and that was with the YouTube vs TikTok battle. We used this to our advantage and collaborated with some of the top influencers on the platforms to talks about this new clash in town.

To finish with a bang, we then went on to present ourselves on a battleground that mirrors the bloodshed in Raktanchal – The battleground of PubG. We got one of the biggest PubG clans, ‘SOUL MORTAL’, on board to rename their clan to the ‘Raktanchal Army’. ‘SOUL MORTAL’, with a YouTube following of 54.1 lakh, hosted a Live PubG stream with their new clan name which intrigued their fans about the big war happening on MX Player. This led to mammoth digital chatter.
Company Credits: MX Player
Individual Credits: Abhishek Joshi
Individual Credits: Mitali Laungani
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