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Love Story 2070 - Viacom 18 - MTV India PNG
Love Story 2070 - Viacom 18 - MTV India MP4 1m:00s

Love Story 2070
Brand: MTV India
Client: Viacom 18

Love Story 2070 - MTV India - Viacom 18

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Love Story 2070
Brand: MTV India
Client: Viacom 18
Description: Achievement or leading a fulfilling life can mean completely different things to different people. We wanted to show how ridiculous it gets when society has the same expectations from all women, especially when these expectations are based on the traditional idea of what a woman should be doing with her life.
English Translation: Space Traveller: Ma?
Mother: Yeah, I can hear you. Hi kiddo, hello!

Space Traveller: It feels so nice to hear your voice, mom!
Conditions on Earth have become terrible, right?

Space Traveller: All my colleagues here are dead.
I’ve survived by myself for the last 2 years.
I felt like giving up several times but… I did it!
I’ve discovered a planet where the Earth’s entire population can shift. The human race will not go extinct because of my discovery.

Space Traveller: And now, I’m returning home.

Mother: Very nice! But your father-
Space Traveller: What happened to papa?

Mother: Your father’s asking when will you get married?

Mother: You’re done travelling, right? Now find someone for yourself there. It’ll be great if it’s someone from our community.

Space Traveller: I’m running out of charge, bye!
Company Credits: Viacom18
Individual Credits: Director - Devika Chaturvedi
Individual Credits: Writer - Neil Chitnis
Individual Credits: Supervising Producer - Neal Massey
Individual Credits: Assistant Director - Rishi Singh
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