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Republic Day
Brand: MTV India
Client: Viacom18

Republic Day - MTV India - Viacom18

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Republic Day
Brand: MTV India
Client: Viacom18
Description: Jingoism and conversations around what it means to be an Indian were dominating the headlines in early 2020. We wanted to encourage youngsters to ask important questions about the system instead of engaging in token patriotism on India's Republic Day.
English Translation: Son : Mom? If India is the best, why are you sending my sister to America?
Son: If India is the prettiest, why do we always go on foreign vacations?
Mom: Catch!
Son : If Indian engineers are the best then why are our roads so bad?
Son : Why are there so many bundles of cash in the cupboard?
Son : Did Dad pay the cop to thank him?
Son : Why does our maid have separate cutlery?
Son : Why are onions so expensive?
Son : Mom, will Taimur become the next king of Bollywood?
Mom : Wow. You’ve grown so much. I’ll tell you.
Voice Over : Don’t get distracted. Keep asking important questions. Happy Republic Day!
Company Credits: Viacom18
Individual Credits: Director - Devika Chaturvedi
Individual Credits: Writer - Neil Chitnis
Individual Credits: Supervising producer - Neal Massey
Individual Credits: Assistant Director - Rishi Singh
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