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Make Your Own Mask
Brand: The Times Of India
Client: The Times Of India

Make Your Own Mask - The Times Of India - The Times Of India

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Entry Title: Make Your Own Mask
Brand: The Times Of India
Client: The Times Of India
Description: CHALLENGE: India did not have enough medical face masks for doctors, nurses and frontline workers during the Covid Pandemic. How do you protect over a billion people when time is of the essence?

SOLUTION: The Times of India initiated a countrywide call for action, inviting every Indian to make their own masks using any clean cloth or traditional garment like turban, scarf, handkerchief, bandana, saree or shawl. Make Your Own Mask featured on the front page of the National Newspaper, Television, Mobile and Social Media during the Lockdown in April 2020. Editorial and Outdoor and Social Media Campaigns demonstrated that making and wearing masks has been part of Indian folk culture for thousands of years. Now, you can do it yourself. DIY. MAKE YOUR OWN MASK. WEAR IT AND SHARE IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

ALL INDIA ACTION: Inspired by the news and content that celebrated making and wearing masks as part of Indian culture and folk theatre for centuries, millions of Indians started creating and sharing their home-made masks. Celebrities joined in with DIY Mask Tutorials and Graffiti Artists painted masks into iconic art, cinema posters and famous statues. A chain reaction from the walls of India to the millions in rural India followed.

EVEN THE PRIME MINISTER MADE HIS OWN MASK. In fact, Prime minister Modi became the face of the campaign, endorsing the Mask India Movement with his traditional ghamcha masks and trending throughout the year on Twitter and National News Media with his face covered in different home-made masks. Leading the nation by example.

RESOLUTION: By unlocking the mask making craft that has been part of ancient Indian tradition, the #MaskIndia movement inspired the nation into action and helped stop the spread of the virus. At last count, as recorded on social media, news channels and local traffic police cctv reports, 108.99 MILLION UNIQUE MASKS WERE HOME-MADE IN INDIA.
A chain reaction from the newspaper to the nation, creating popular culture.

Strategy: To multiply reach of the campaign and drive engagement and practice, #MaskIndia was conceptualized as the first completely integrated campaign between the Times of India and Times Internet. News channels across the Times Network regularly broadcast the need to wear homemade masks. All TOI and TIL properties are teaching Indians how to make, wear, sanitize and dispose of their masks. The #MaskIndia hashtag compels citizens to participate and upload pictures wearing their DIY home-made masks on the campaign website – so the world can see how Indians are fighting back! The influencer strategy of using celebrities to amplify the message got a huge bonus in the national press with major news stories when the Prime Minister tweeted about #MaskIndia and followed up by making and wearing his own home-made ghamcha masks, during every public appearance.
Company Credits: Wunderman Thompson
Individual Credits: Senthil Kumar - Chief Creative Officer
Individual Credits: Sundeep Sehgal - Executive Creative Director
Individual Credits: Rattan Jyot - Curator & Senior Creative Director
Individual Credits: Sarasij Dasgupta - Senior Creative Director
Individual Credits: Sandeep Bagga - Art Director
Individual Credits: Binoy Sarkar - Creative Director
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