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The Ultimate Feed - Pidilite Industries Pvt Ltd - Fevicol JPG
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The Ultimate Feed - Fevicol
Client: Pidilite Industries Pvt Ltd

The Ultimate Feed - Fevicol - Pidilite Industries Pvt Ltd

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Entry Title: The Ultimate Feed
Brand: Fevicol
Client: Pidilite Industries Pvt Ltd
Description: Over the years, Fevicol charmed the country through its iconic TVCs highlighting their ‘Mazboot Jod’ through desi, relatable insights.

The objective on digital was to replicate this charm across social media, and most importantly - make every viewer smile. :)

The Plan?
To make Fevicol a part of every conversation the country was having online while staying true to their quirky tonality.

From leveraging the tap feature to gamifying Instagram stories - we turned the Instagram UI into our playing field, making the bond between U & I stronger than ever.

We made sure Fevicol seamlessly hijacked all conversations on the internet.
Be it disappearing monoliths, Indian matchmaking, gmail crashes, or football matches - we were everywhere.

We even initiated colourful conversations on Holi with a certain detergent brand that rhymes with pride.

But throughout all this diversity found on Instagram - the one thing that remained constant was, our mazboot jod. :)
Company Credits: Schbang Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Individual Credits: Saumil Mehta
Individual Credits: Viren Chhabria
Individual Credits: Aniket Ajwani
Individual Credits: Rahul Hansraj
Individual Credits: Aditya Mehendale
Individual Credits: Puru Agarwal
Individual Credits: Madhvendra Singh
Individual Credits: Kartikeya Misra
Individual Credits: Neha Wahi
Individual Credits: Deep Doshi
Individual Credits: Sanket Gawand
Individual Credits: Aditi Parmar
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