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Love Will Find A Way
Brand: Bumble
Client: Bumble Holdings

Love Will Find A Way - Bumble - Bumble Holdings

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Love Will Find A Way
Brand: Bumble
Client: Bumble Holdings
Description: 2020 was not the year for love or for dating apps like Bumble.

The world was beginning to feel like a sensory deprivation chamber where we were left longing for touch as a source of love and reassurance. As fast as the registration numbers had shot up, they started to drop. Conversations ran dry quicker, and people began to feel disillusioned with online dating without a future meeting date. This led to many individuals dropping off of the dating algorithms.

Regular app users were feeling hopeless and confused about new virtual dating rituals.

We turned to the internet for inspiration and saw that across the world, there was one dominant emotion which still drove people – and that emotion was love. The pandemic had given birth to the resilient quarantine couples of 2020, who were finding ways to keep the spark alive every single day. Their butterflies still did what they did, but now on video calls, chats, 1 am voice notes, cat memes and gifs.

Taking a cue from them, we needed remind the rest of the world about the power of human connections, love, and its inexplicable perseverance.

So, we created a film that celebrated the journey of these brave quarantine couples, who, through online dating, were finding partners to share their long days and nights. In this touch-deprived world, we turned to visual craft and almost poetry-like words, to celebrate their story, and make people feel the sensory overload that comes with love by addressing all the myriad emotions we were feeling - in a raw and emotionally-charged manner.

The mood and the words of the film had a sense of longing, a yearning for connection that created the perfect setting for words of encouragement for anyone looking for a companion to get through the pandemic with. Elements like mixed media and raw visuals created the right sensorial atmosphere that asked young people to stay far, and yet get close.
Company Credits: DDB Mudra Group
Individual Credits: Team DDB Mudra Group
Individual Credits: Reema Sengupta
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