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The Ultimate Reminder - Fevicol
Client: Pidilite Industries Pvt Ltd

The Ultimate Reminder - Fevicol - Pidilite Industries Pvt Ltd

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Entry Title: The Ultimate Reminder
Brand: Fevicol
Client: Pidilite Industries Pvt Ltd
Description: 2020 began with India bracing itself for the pandemic - and the subsequent lockdowns.

However, as lockdown restrictions gradually relaxed, we noticed an increasingly casual approach towards social distancing - despite the constant rise in cases.

This is when we felt the need of doing our bit; of creating something simple, yet innovative - with real people, in the real world, to reiterate the importance of social distancing.

So we did what we do best.

We went into a food court and literally stuck every alternate table to its chairs so that they wouldn’t be used.

Ergo - hilarious reactions ensued.

Only when people carefully read the tent cards - that had been there from the start - they realised why this was happening.

These tables had been reserved by Fevicol, for their own safety.

Thus, in one of the unlikeliest places for adhesive branding:
Fevicol’s brand proposition was served,
and social distancing was preserved. :)
Company Credits: Schbang Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Individual Credits: Viren Chhabria
Individual Credits: Aniket Ajwani
Individual Credits: Shourya Porwal
Individual Credits: Aditya Mehendale
Individual Credits: Jay Morzaria
Individual Credits: Puru Agarwal
Individual Credits: Madhvendra Singh
Individual Credits: Kartikeya Misra
Individual Credits: Riya Arora
Individual Credits: Saurabh Bhandari
Individual Credits: Rahul Rohra
Individual Credits: Rahul Hansraj
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