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Duroflex Sounds Of Sleep
Brand: Duroflex
Client: Duroflex

Duroflex Sounds Of Sleep - Duroflex - Duroflex

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Entry Title: Duroflex Sounds Of Sleep
Brand: Duroflex
Client: Duroflex
Title: Duroflex Sounds of Sleep - Official Teaser
Title: Duroflex Sounds of Sleep - Episode 1
Title: Duroflex Sounds of Sleep - Episode 2
Description: Duroflex creates best in class engagement on World Sleep Day 2021 with a unique music property

Brand Objectives:
Duroflex is India’s leading sleep solutions brand, helping India sleep better for over 5 decades, with a product offering of a wide range of premium mattresses and sleep accessories.

This revolutionary brand with over five decades of expertise and state-of-the-art technology is redefining the meaning of quality sleep. It has distinguished itself as a leader in the industry with an innovative and cutting-edge range of products that is first of its kind in India. Its signature range – Duropedic is India’s first and only certified orthopedic mattress range.

Duroflex – The Sleep Coach:
Duroflex as a brand has played the role of a sleep coach, and has been on the forefront of evangelizing the importance of good sleep. It has become a thought leader in bringing awareness to a very important health facet, often ignored in our quest to burn the midnight oil in chasing success.

The brand in its constant endeavor to educate the consumers about the importance of sleep in various differentiated and engaging ways has developed a multitude of strategic partnerships and product development.

This resolve only strengthened during the pandemic when sleep and its impact on immunity became relevant in the minds of the consumers, and thus it was able to take its communication to larger scales.

Consumer Insights:
Sleep has been an important pillar of health and with the onset of pandemic, Duroflex was at the forefront of driving this conversation through its various initiatives and helping people improve their sleep habits.

Amongst the TG – the young parents, parents-to-be & millennials at large had the most disrupted sleep routines. Fears of getting the virus, financial and economic worries and the pressures of schooling children while working from home—all concerns now familiar to many—have been the source of losing sleep, also resulting in insomnia in many.

The brand decided to reach out to this age group through a never done before India’s first music series on sleep – Duroflex Sounds of Sleep.

The Big Idea:
- World Sleep Day has over the years gained importance globally by being the day all media and brands bring awareness to sleep and its critical role in wellbeing. This year Duroflex, as India's sleep coach, wanted to completely own the day for 2021 in the Indian landscape in a clutter-breaking manner and connect the TG to a universally popular zone of music which was never done before for the category.

We took a content route derived from the consumer insights to launch a disruptive campaign exploring music as a sleep aid with India’s only and very first digital music series on lullabies - Duroflex Sounds of Sleep.

- Parents all over the world have been using lullabies to soothe their young ones and put them to sleep for at least 4,000 years. Science and multiple studies by reputed institutes have proven that children of all ages sleep better after listening to the soothing melody of a lullaby.
- A New York Times study suggests that babies love lullabies, regardless of what culture the songs come from, what language they are sung in, or even who sings them. It is also equally beneficial for parents who sing them and with India having such a rich tradition of lullabies, it was imperative for the brand to explore a creative route to revive this universally popular genre of music for digital natives.
A team of experts, Sony Music and the brand reimagined popular lullabies in six different languages with six regionally popular artists who recreated them in their voice. The property hit the chords of nostalgia, taking the audience back to their roots and the brand proved successful in presenting the music to people in the way they would want to consume it.

Duroflex Sounds of Sleep – India’s first one-of-its kind music series on lullabies was launched on World Sleep Day.

Recognized actor and new mother, Kalki Koechlin was picked as the host due to her credibility and popularity for often humming lullabies for her child.

For music production and distribution, the brand collaborated with Sony Music, a leading music platform in the country.

Duroflex worked with popular singers like Monali Thakur, Shalmali Kholgade, Chinmayi Sripada, Shilpa Rao, Sanah Moidutty and Geetha Madhuri to recreate lullabies in languages like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Punjabi and Malayalam to appeal to different audiences via a singular campaign.

YouTube was chosen as the dissemination platform due to it being the leading platform in the country for audio and video with over 450 M active users a month.

The songs were hosted on Both Sony Music India, and Sony Music south, along with the brand’s official handle

Sony Music India and Sony Music South’s YT social media presence leveraged
Singers’ social media handles used to talk about the property

Famous parent influencers talked about the property

Audio streaming apps like Spotify and Apple carried the playlists

Results within the first 2 weeks of the launch:
> 7.5M views within the first two weeks
> over 3 Mn views garnered on Sony
> Earned media of over 5 Cr,
> Massive influencer campaign to amplify the property - 37,000 content interaction in 10 days
> Prominent publications like Afaqs, The Hindu, Brand Equity covered the campaign
> Organic shares of the campaign on platforms like LinkedIn by top marketing executives, making it the most visible and talked about campaign this year in the category.

With Duroflex Sounds of Sleep, a powerful – nationally binding idea of relaunching hidden musical gems was brought to life to spread awareness around sleep. It strongly resonated with the target audience and helped Duroflex challenge category norms by introducing a fresh take on building consumer connect.
Company Credits: Duroflex
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