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Naselin Spray - Shubh Ratri - Cipla Health Ltd - Naselin JPG
Naselin Spray - Shubh Ratri - Cipla Health Ltd - Naselin MP4 40s

Naselin Spray - Shubh Ratri
Brand: Naselin
Client: Cipla Health Ltd

Naselin Spray - Shubh Ratri - Naselin - Cipla Health Ltd

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Naselin Spray - Shubh Ratri
Brand: Naselin
Client: Cipla Health Ltd
Description: The category is built on extreme severe blocked nose condition and obsession with dramatising how day-to-day life is disrupted because of a blocked nose. From our qualitative research we learnt that unlike cold, what makes a blocked nose worse is its disruption of the most basic physiological function – BREATHING. Here, the opportunity for Naselin lies in getting all sufferers of blocked nose to see Naselin as a product “for me” by owning the most critical occasion of use among all sufferers – BEDTIME.


Thus, the Naselin relief is not just limited to the unblocking of the nose but it also decongests your sinuses that leads to a wider area of relief so that one gets a good night sleep. Naselin caters to the most critical, uncompromising occasion for all the sufferers of blocked nose, making Naselin relief the most desirable. Naselin - Shubh Ratri.
English Translation: Man: Oh my god Prajapati!
You haven’t fallen asleep today?

Guard: My nose is blocked
How will I sleep?

Man: My friend…
Try this Naselin Spray

It opens nose block
So you get a good night’s sleep

Naselin Spray
Good Night
Company Credits: Early Man Film Pvt Ltd - Production Company
Company Credits: The Womb - Creative Agency
Individual Credits: Ayappa KM - Director
Individual Credits: Anand Menon - Executive Producer
Individual Credits: Milin Shah - Producer
Individual Credits: Kavin Jagtiani - D.O.P
Individual Credits: Manisha Khandelwal - Production Designer
Individual Credits: Suyash Khabya - Creative Team
Individual Credits: Pankaj Nihalani - Creative Team
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