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Keep It Fresh x Walk With Me - Perfetti Van Melle India - Center Fresh PNG
Keep It Fresh x Walk With Me - Perfetti Van Melle India - Center Fresh MP4 2m:53s

Keep It Fresh x Walk With Me - Center Fresh
Client: Perfetti Van Melle India

Keep It Fresh x Walk With Me - Center Fresh - Perfetti Van Melle India

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Keep It Fresh x Walk With Me
Brand: Center Fresh
Client: Perfetti Van Melle India
Description: The global pandemic put the world and our lives indefinitely on hold. We realised how much we took for granted another person’s touch, the sound of their breath, their smell, their warmth, their presence. Can we still fall in love? Can an annoying Zoom call be a cosy space where we feel the rising sensations through our laptop screens. Oh, yes. It can. 

The film showcases the proximity of two people despite the actual distance between them. It’s a budding romance between two classmates that unfolds entirely on Zoom calls. The aim of this film was to make the audience experience their first relationship all over again - only virtually. The music and sound design intersected with the visuals to enhance the gentle playfulness of young love. Shot during the lockdown, the film was directed entirely via Zoom calls. The restrictions pushed us to adopt newer techniques of running remote shoots, hit challenges head-on... and flip it into a charming story told through unspoken words, stolen glances, and of course, music that gives you all the feels - shoutout to everybody's favourite, Taba Chake!

The film captures the nerves felt on the first date, the rage during the first fight and the tenderness of the first big romantic gesture. All you need is some faith, imagination and that minty fresh gum by your side.
Company Credits: Jugaad Motion Pictures
Individual Credits: Director: Dar Gai
Individual Credits: Producer: Pranit Sahni
Individual Credits: DOP: Vikas Vasudevan
Individual Credits: Executive Producer: Yash Gonsai
Individual Credits: Cast: Rohit Saraf, Vedika Pinto
Individual Credits: 1st AD: Bijish Babu
Individual Credits: 2nd AD: Akanksha Jain
Individual Credits: 3rd AD: Rohan Sadarangani
Individual Credits: Editor: Pralay Valanju
Individual Credits: DI Colorist: Christian Levia
Individual Credits: Online: Anindya Sengupta
Individual Credits: Production Designer: Priya Shree, Satya Shekar
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