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A Vice That Turned Into Ad-Vice - TTK Healthcare Ltd. - SKORE Condom JPG
A Vice That Turned Into Ad-Vice - TTK Healthcare Ltd. - SKORE Condom MP4 1m:39s

A Vice That Turned Into Ad-Vice
Brand: SKORE Condom
Client: TTK Healthcare Ltd.

A Vice That Turned Into Ad-Vice - SKORE Condom - TTK Healthcare Ltd.

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Entry Title: A Vice That Turned Into Ad-Vice
Brand: SKORE Condom
Client: TTK Healthcare Ltd.
Description: What was the topic? World Aids Day on 1st December. What was the brief? SKORE condoms had to preach safety. What was the challenge? Every condom brand tries hard to creatively or quirkily preach safety on social media that very day, so how does SKORE Condoms don’t become ‘me too’? What was the need? Go beyond Social Media posts. What was the roadblock? Miniscule budget of 50,000 bucks for a single day of campaign? So, what was the opportunity? Err…. for that we needed an insight.

When you want to turn on the heat, watch adult videos together – a vice practised by couples of all shades, age and kind. But alas! Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has banned access to all adult sites across all 4G network. The next best recourse – YouTube. The world’s most popular online video platform. And intriguingly, the world’s second largest online search engine after Google. And how naughty are people on YouTube? Just the 7 phrases of ‘hot sex video’, ‘hot sex’, ‘hot xxx’, ‘xxx hot video’, ‘hot videos’, ‘hot porn’ and ‘xnx hot’ – combined are searched 18 million times on an average every month! And every time one clicks on a video with adult content, YouTube puts up a template age-gating it.

The above led to a brainwave. We designed a 10-seconder ad that mirrored the restrictive template. Using Google AdWords Keyword Planner, we linked this ad to phrases that are most used to list adult videos - Kamasutra, bikini scenes, movie sex, sex scenes, hot videos, nude scene, nude celebs, amateur sex, and many more.

On World Aids Day, when anybody indulged in their vice to heat things up by searching adult content on YouTube using the aforementioned keywords and phrases, SKORE condoms ran this un-skippable pre-roll ad before every listed video - turning a vice into an ad-vice – quite literally!

The ad mimicked a restricted access template, catching the viewer completely off-guard, while delivering a SKORE branded message of safety before naughty. The ad-hack was able to garner 90,187 YouTube views with a view rate of over 32%., leading to a 10% growth on website visits and 82% increase on purchase intent of SKORE condoms– all in a single day.

The best way to communicate safety: Resort to an AD-vice (literally and laterally).
Company Credits: Isobar India (A Division of Dentsu International)
Individual Credits: Anish Varghese, Chief Creative Officer
Individual Credits: Rohit Mukherjee, Creative Director
Individual Credits: Parmit Dabas, Group Head - Art
Individual Credits: Harisankar S, Senior Designer
Individual Credits: Ashish Kumar, Senior Director - Performance (Media)
Individual Credits: Ankit Singh, Manager - Performance (Media)
Individual Credits: Ashwin Dravid, Senior Director - Client Solutions
Individual Credits: Nikita Chakraborty, Account Manager - Client Solutions
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