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Great Things Happen - Shell
Client: Shell India
Entrant: Wunderman Thompson India

Great Things Happen - Shell - Shell India

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Great Things Happen
Brand: Shell
Client: Shell India
Title: Trucker
Description: India is full of ambitious people, who believe that tomorrow will be better than today. In a country of determined dreamers with boundless energy, Shell’s mission is to move every Indian.

For many Indians, their vehicles play a significant role in bringing socioeconomic impact for themselves and their families. But for women, the lack of mobility is a towering challenge. They often have to stifle their aspirations and give up opportunities because of not being able to move around on their own.

Our campaign - Great Things Happen When We Move - shows how mobility for an everyday Indian can transcend the mundane, and be truly transformative. These films tell the stories of real women who were able to transform the future for themselves and others by giving themselves the strength that comes with mobility. It’s also a celebration of their spirit and the positivity with which they make challenges look easy. These women are our lighthouses, and an inspiration for everyone – man or woman.
Company Credits: Wunderman Thompson India
Individual Credits: Senthil Kumar
Individual Credits: Siddharth Prasad
Individual Credits: Vaibhav Sahni
Individual Credits: Nikhit Shetty
Individual Credits: Tanuj Karol
Individual Credits: Nishant Nanda
Individual Credits: Riona Roy
Individual Credits: Samriddhi Shah
Individual Credits: Swasti Ray
Individual Credits: Arunima Sharma
Individual Credits: Pratik Shah