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The Third Eye
Brand: Nihar Naturals
Client: Marico Ltd

The Third Eye - Nihar Naturals - Marico Ltd

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Entry Title: The Third Eye
Brand: Nihar Naturals
Client: Marico Ltd
Description: Every year during Durga Pujo, thousands of people take to the streets, hopping from one pandal to the other, dancing, eating their favourite food etc. Unfortunately due to the crowd, women often are victims to groping, inappropriate touching in the crowded pandals across the city.

To help the women feel safer, Nihar Naturals partnered with the pujo Pandal Committees to install surveillance cameras but disguised in the form of Durga Maa’s watchful Third Eye.

The brand installed these cameras at strategic locations in and around the pandals as Maa Durga’s “Third eye”, watching over women pandal visitors. The footage was also shared live to the Pandal Security Officers and was also made visible to the public so that they are reminded that the Third eye is watching them
As a result women could continue having a safe care free pujo.
Company Credits: BBH India
Company Credits: Marico Ltd
Individual Credits: Russell Barrett
Individual Credits: Ramchandra Patil
Individual Credits: Swathy Sreekumar
Individual Credits: Ananya Banga
Individual Credits: Reshma Nair
Individual Credits: Subhash Kamath
Individual Credits: Sarita Raghavan
Individual Credits: Pranoy Kanojia
Individual Credits: Sriyanta Chatterjee
Individual Credits: Jayshree Mourya
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