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Umbrella - Mondelez India - Cadbury Silk JPG
Umbrella - Mondelez India - Cadbury Silk MP4 1m:10s

Brand: Cadbury Silk
Client: Mondelez India

Umbrella - Cadbury Silk - Mondelez India

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Umbrella
Brand: Cadbury Silk
Client: Mondelez India
Description: “Every great love story starts with a simple question, how far will you go for love?
What followed was the story of a young boy discreetly walking on the roof with an umbrella just to keep his lady love in the shade. To make the moment even sweeter, he shares his Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk with her in a unique way. Making every youngster in love, wish somebody created a Silk-like moment for them.”
Company Credits: Ogilvy India
Company Credits: Nirvana Films
Individual Credits: Harshad Rajadhyaksha
Individual Credits: Kainaz Karmakar
Individual Credits: Sukesh Nayak
Individual Credits: Zenobia Pithawalla
Individual Credits: Mihir Chanchani
Individual Credits: Vishal Rajpurkar
Individual Credits: Hephzibah Pathak
Individual Credits: Prakash Nair
Individual Credits: Antara Suri, Parshuram Mendekar
Individual Credits: Ganapathy Balagopalan
Individual Credits: Prakash Varma
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