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Dove #StopTheBeautyTest - Hindustan Unilever Ltd - Dove JPG
Dove #StopTheBeautyTest - Hindustan Unilever Ltd - Dove JPG
Dove #StopTheBeautyTest - Hindustan Unilever Ltd - Dove MP4 2m:05s
Dove #StopTheBeautyTest - Hindustan Unilever Ltd - Dove MP4 2m:16s

Dove #StopTheBeautyTest
Brand: Dove
Client: Hindustan Unilever Ltd

Dove #StopTheBeautyTest - Dove - Hindustan Unilever Ltd

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Dove #StopTheBeautyTest
Brand: Dove
Client: Hindustan Unilever Ltd
Description: The campaign was launched on the 25th of February and continued till the 31st of March.

The film was amplified on YouTube and Facebook in 10 languages, reaching 36 million women in one day.

Content partnership with digital platform ‘She The People’ got 1.6 million organic views.

Partnership with India’s biggest matrimonial platform – for deep integration on female profiles and contextual messaging delivered additional 10 million impressions.

India’s No. 1 tennis player, Sania Mirza, shared our content with her personal story. This was followed by beauty, travel, sports & entertainment influencers, which resulted in 2 million organic views on day 1.

All in all, 192.7 years of content consumed and still counting.
Company Credits: Ogilvy India
Company Credits: MSL India
Company Credits: Mindshare India
Company Credits: Chrome Pictures Media LLP
Individual Credits: Kainaz Karmakar, Harshad Rajadhyaksha
Individual Credits: Sukesh Nayak
Individual Credits: Mihir Chanchani, Zenobia Pithawalla
Individual Credits: Vishal Rajpurkar, Rishabh Thapar, Yankee Chhabra
Individual Credits: Akshay Ordiya, Subhrajit Guin
Individual Credits: Kirti Vivekanand Marathe, Arthi Sivakumar
Individual Credits: Hephzibah Pathak, VR Rajesh
Individual Credits: Prem Narayan, Abigail Dias
Individual Credits: Walter Noronha
Individual Credits: Sanam Chowdhry, Freea Bhikhaji
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