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Dove #StopTheBeautyTest - Hindustan Unilever Ltd - Dove JPG
Dove #StopTheBeautyTest - Hindustan Unilever Ltd - Dove MP4 2m:16s

Dove #StopTheBeautyTest
Brand: Dove
Client: Hindustan Unilever Ltd

Dove #StopTheBeautyTest - Dove - Hindustan Unilever Ltd

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Dove #StopTheBeautyTest
Brand: Dove
Client: Hindustan Unilever Ltd
Description: 5 real women bring alive what happens to a young woman in India as she starts out on her journey to find her life partner in the arranged marriage system.

In the film you see that they are put through a Marriage Beauty Test by the groom and his family. Where they are rejected because of their weight, colour, height, curls, even their birthmark.

The film's protagonists are rejected brides in real life. Rejected because they do not confirm to society's idea of a beautiful bride, which is tall, fair, slim with long straight hair. The film ends by asking the viewer how much beauty is enough. And urges people to stop the beauty test.
English Translation: (Film with Eng subtitles:

VO/Slate: Yeh sirf humaari nahin, desh ki karodon ladkiyon ki kahaani hai

This is not just our story.
This is the story of millions of girls in our country.

Girl’s Mother: “Mahak is ready”
Mahak is ready.
Girl’s Aunt: “Haan haan, bula ri haan.
Yes, yes. I am calling them.
Chalo bhi chalo jaldi karo. Hai ki didi. Saree pehnane ki baat hui thi na, phir wazan dikhai de raha hai.”
Come come. Hurry up.
Why sister? Didn’t we speak about dressing her in a saree?
Her weight is showing again.

Girl’s Mother: “Uss mein bhi wazan dikhai de raha hai”
But even in a saree her weight can be seen.
Girl’s Aunt: “Aur tussi jaldi karo, Ladke waale aa gaye hai”
Make it quick.
The boy's family is here.
Girl’s Mother: “Iss se dhak lo beta”
Cover it up, dear.
Girl’s Mother:
“Jaldi aa jana”
Come fast.
Woman: “Mahak aa jao beta”
Mahak dear, come.
Noor: “Ah sala waleh kum”
Assalam Alaikum (greeting)
Girl’s Mother: “Aa jaa Noor aa jaa”
Come Noor, come.
Groom’s Mother: “Photo mein toh rang saaf lag raha tha na”
She looked fairer in her pictures.
Girl’s Mother: “beta, aap dono chhaho toh bahar chai pee lo”
Why don't the two of you grab some tea outside?
Girl’s Mother (hushed tones): “Jaa Noor”
Go Noor.
Boy’s Mother: “Seedi laga ke baat karne padega aapki Rajeshwari ko hamare ladke se”
Your Rajeshwari will have to use a ladder to talk to our son.
Boy’s Aunt (laughing):
Groom’s Sister: “No but jokes apart. Apne baal straight karwa lena… bhai ko noodles nahin

No, but jokes apart. Get your hair straightened. My brother hates noodles.
Groom’s Sister (faint voice): “How do you maintain this?”
Murmur: How do you maintain them?

Woman’s Voice: “Yeh daag?”
What’s this mark?

Closing VO:
kab tak chalegi khoobsurti ki yeh badsurat parakh?
Aakhir kitni khubsoorati kaafi hai?
Khaamiyaan Nahi, Khoobiyaan Dekhiye.
How long do we have to go through this ugly search for beauty?
How much beauty is enough?
Look for the beauty, not the flaws.
Company Credits: Ogilvy India
Company Credits: Chrome Pictures Media LLP
Individual Credits: Kainaz Karmakar, Harshad Rajadhyaksha
Individual Credits: Sukesh Nayak
Individual Credits: Zenobia Pithawalla, Mihir Chanchani
Individual Credits: Hephzibah Pathak, VR Rajesh
Individual Credits: Prem Narayan, Abigail Dias
Individual Credits: Walter Noronha
Individual Credits: Sanam Chowdhry, Freea Bhikhaji
Individual Credits: Amit Sharma, Abhishek Notani
Individual Credits: Tushar Kanti Ray, Niyoti Upadhye
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