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Circle Of Life - Apollo Tyres
Client: Apollo Tyres

Circle Of Life - Apollo Tyres - Apollo Tyres

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Entry Title: Circle Of Life
Brand: Apollo Tyres
Client: Apollo Tyres
Description: A circle is the most significant shape in our lives. From the rotation of a clock to the shape of a flower, from the beginning to end of a day to the spinning of a tyre – everything follows a circle. Why? Because, a circle symbolizes transition. It represents a movement that never ends. Just like our life. It’s constantly in motion. And every day we grow, learn, and change with the motion, through the circles of life.

In the recent COVID-19 situation, when we thought life had come to an end and there was no way out, our lives found a way to move on. Through Apollo’s Circle of Life, we celebrated every circle that is an integral part of our lives, it inspired us to go the distance and discover things like never before.
Company Credits: Wunderman Thompson India
Company Credits: Small Fry Production
Individual Credits: Senthil Kumar, CCO
Individual Credits: Sundeep Sehgal, VP & ECD
Individual Credits: Sundeep Sehgal, Director
Individual Credits: Sundeep Sehgal, Editor
Individual Credits: Binesh Sharma, Writer
Individual Credits: Binesh Sharma, Senior Creative Director
Individual Credits: Akshith Nangia, Junior Copywriter
Individual Credits: Soham Ghosh, Junior Copywriter
Individual Credits: Vaibhav Saini, VP & CSD
Individual Credits: Tanuj Karol, CSD
Individual Credits: Ankur Thakur, Head of Marketing Communication, Apollo Tyres
Individual Credits: Girish Singh, Executive Producer
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