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Equal Cheer - Bumble Holdings - Bumble JPG
Equal Cheer - Bumble Holdings - Bumble JPG

Equal Cheer
Brand: Bumble
Client: Bumble Holdings

Equal Cheer - Bumble - Bumble Holdings

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Entry Title: Equal Cheer
Brand: Bumble
Client: Bumble Holdings
Description: On 8th March, International Women’s Day, the Indian Women’s cricket team were about to face Australia in the ICC T-20 Women’s Final. Still, 42% Indians had no inclination to tune in to watch the game. Worse, thousands of cricket fans didn’t even know India was in the final.

Clearly, cricket is a religion in India. But with only male gods.

We made this our problem. And turned our Bumble women’s day campaign, into a mission to get cricket fans to support our women’s team. To do this, we reached out directly to those who understand what it’s like to not get their due, despite putting in everything - women.

The message was simple – ask men out on Bumble, for a date to watch the Women’s World Cup final with you. And in the process, help our women’s team get more fans and equal cheer.

We spoke to them directly through in-app ads. Where our app couldn’t reach, our message was relayed to them, through their favourite Bollywood stars, influencers, comedians, RJs and sports personalities who’ve fought for women’s equality, irrespective of their fields, or gender.

We even organized watch parties at multiple locations across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore and invited women to bring their dates there. Our purpose was clear - more swipes, more dates, more views, more cheer!

We reached 27 million fans in just 24 hours and inspired them to stand up for their women’s cricket team on what could possibly be the most important day of their lives. And help make the first move to make the country resound with #EqualCheer.
Company Credits: DDB Mudra Group
Individual Credits: Team DDB Mudra Group
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