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Inflight Safety Video
Brand: Vistara
Client: Tata SIA Ltd

Inflight Safety Video - Vistara - Tata SIA Ltd

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Inflight Safety Video
Brand: Vistara
Client: Tata SIA Ltd
Description: In-flight safety videos are usually the last thing airline passengers want to watch. They're also, however, one of the most important things for them to watch. We realised that the only way to make our passengers watch an in-flight safety video, was to actually make it worth watching.

We decided to make a safety video that does the job but also connects to the heart of India, and showcases India to the world in a manner hitherto unheard of. And thus was born the most unique in-flight safety video in the history of Indian aviation.

The video features a Yoga instructor demonstrating the necessary safety instructions through various Asanas, as we take the viewer on a relaxing journey to some of the most picturesque and off-beat locations across India. And in doing so, we succeeded in giving our passengers an unprecedented and unforgettable experience.
Company Credits: FCBIndia Advertising LLP
Individual Credits: Swati Bhattacharya
Individual Credits: Surjo Dutt
Individual Credits: John Thangaraj
Individual Credits: Debarpita Banerjee
Individual Credits: Gresha Sengupta
Individual Credits: Moumita Pal
Individual Credits: Ranit Mukherjee
Individual Credits: Damodaran Nair
Individual Credits: Faizyab Khan
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