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IPL Se Kya Seekha? - Unacademy - Unacademy JPEG
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IPL Se Kya Seekha?
Brand: Unacademy
Client: Unacademy

IPL Se Kya Seekha? - Unacademy - Unacademy

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: IPL Se Kya Seekha?
Brand: Unacademy
Client: Unacademy
Description: Being one of the lead sponsors of IPL 2020, Unacademy had access to all match footage for promotional purposes. The idea of the film was to use IPL match footage to engage students about academics. That too in a manner that’s entertaining, enjoyable and most importantly, shareable.
English Translation: Hey students, what have you learnt from IPL?
Learnt how to break gravity
Learnt how to join speed and distance
Learnt momentum, acceleration, magnetic induction
Learnt Darvin’s evolution
Learnt Newton’s Law of Motion
Learnt combustion, conduction and volcanic eruption
Learnt melting point of mettle
Learnt boiling point of kettle
Learnt theory of collision
Learnt precision of vision
Learnt right angle, triangle, pythagorus theorem
Learnt battle of panipat and cyclone warning
Learnt movement of tectonic and magic of litmus test
Learnt mystery of outer space and milky way’s… Arre!
Arre, arre, arrey!!!
Learnt X and Y
Learnt Circle of Pi
Learnt Vigyaan (Science), Bhugol (Geography)
Learnt that the world is round
Learnt lessons by heart
Learnt science, commerce, arts
Learnt Maths, Stats
Learnt the hack of everything
And learnt how to crack the impossible
Let’s crack it
Company Credits: Hungry Films
Company Credits: Mullen Lowe Lintas
Individual Credits: Vijay Sawant, Dharam Valia, Ravi Khandelwal, Benjamin Yengal, Arjun Singh, Vinayak Manohar, Jignesh Jhaveri
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