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Do Nothing Mode
Brand: Cadbury 5 Star
Client: Mondelez India

Do Nothing Mode - Cadbury 5 Star - Mondelez India

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Do Nothing Mode
Brand: Cadbury 5 Star
Client: Mondelez India
Description: For over a decade, the chocolate brand’s commercials have featured people getting lost in the taste of the chocolate, and doing nothing. Our task was to bring the tagline “Do Nothing” to life.

The Idea:
Voice assistants have been helping people become more efficient and productive. But sometimes, what we REALLY need is some perspective - A voice of reason that motivates us to step out of the rat race, take a breather, and just do nothing for a while.

And now, Google can be that voice of reason. All one has to say is “Okay Google, Eat a 5Star” on any Android phone or device, and the assistant will enter the “Do Nothing Mode”.

Instead of helping you with your tasks, it will now dissuade you from doing them. Whatever you try to do, the assistant will give you a reason not to - and the hundreds of possible responses range from convincing to sassy to profound. We partnered with Google to create a multilingual AI bot that can tackle any question you might ask Google - about the weather, traffic, emails, schedules, trivia, beauty tips or even life advice.

For the first time ever, Google assistant can now do the exact opposite of what it’s meant to do. It can kill your productivity and convince you to sit back and do nothing.

300,000 users and 5 million interactions within a week, and the number keeps growing as the campaign has just begun.
The news of Google gaining a ‘do nothing’ mode caught the world’s attention, and the story was featured in over 100 websites around the world and discussed by popular tech vloggers with millions of subscribers. Online communities have popped up where users exchange their funniest interactions with the new mode. Most importantly, “Eat 5star and do nothing”, has become common parlance, and has found its way into memes and tweets, giving the chocolate brand unprecedented visibility.
Company Credits: Ogilvy India
Company Credits: ArrowAI
Company Credits: Wavemaker
Individual Credits: Ogilvy Creative Team
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