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More Together - Football
Brand: Facebook
Client: Facebook

More Together - Football - Facebook - Facebook

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Entry Title: More Together - Football
Brand: Facebook
Client: Facebook
Description: Rinchen is a manifestation of the ‘Facebook – More together’ campaign, which celebrates the power of connections and communities. At the heart of which is the simple belief that people can do more together than alone. Rinchen is the embodiment of new India. Undaunted by the challenges in front of her and unfazed by history. Clear about what she wants. A quiet confidence in her ability to get it done. And ready to deploy everything at her disposal to make it happen. In this case, that’s the power of Facebook to get her young wards a shot at selection into the national team. A crusade that helps her grow into a bigger role too.
English Translation: Her name: Rinchen
Who she is : Mind-blowing football coach.
Does a better football coach exist? Doubtful.
Her coaching videos got so popular on Facebook, that some boys even left cricket to learn football.
And what great footballers they became.
Let's talk when one of my boys plays for India.
Did anyone really know about Rinchen?
The videos not only helped improve their game but also became insanely popular on Facebook.
The videos travelled far and wide, from Ladakh to Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and made their way to the selectors.
And the selectors made their way to Ladakh.
Two of Rinchen’s players got selected for the India camp.
Your boys are very good.
Thank you, sir.
Would you like to join the National Academy as an assistant coach?
Sure, sir.
Open up your heart, the world is with you. Facebook.
Company Credits: Oink Films
Individual Credits: Director: Shirsha Guha Thakurta
Individual Credits: Executive Producer: Ramya Rao
Individual Credits: DOP: Kartik Vijay
Individual Credits: Editor: Suraj Jagtap
Individual Credits: Music Composers: Salvage Audio
Individual Credits: Grade: Ben Conkey
Individual Credits: 2nd Unit DOP: Aditya Varma
Individual Credits: Casting: Crackerjack casting
Individual Credits: Costume Stylist: Shreya Anand
Individual Credits: Art Director: Pankaj Sharma and Anu Tripathi
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