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More Together - Kaju
Brand: Facebook
Client: Facebook

More Together - Kaju - Facebook - Facebook

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Entry Title: More Together - Kaju
Brand: Facebook
Client: Facebook
Description: Kaju is a manifestation of the ‘Facebook – More together’ campaign, which celebrates the power of connections and communities. At the heart of which is the simple belief that people can do more together than alone. Kaju tells the story of how your community can come together to help you with big, small and even cute problems. Which in this case is an unruly dog. Neither laughs nor likes nor tips are in short supply on Facebook as Kaju’s human – Tony keeps sharing Kaju’s exploits. Hoping to find something that only people-powered advice can deliver. And deliver it does.
English Translation: All alone in a big house, the loneliness was eating away at Tony, so he got him.
Now, Kaju runs around eating the house.
Tony kept sharing Kaju’s antics on Facebook
Kaju had become quite the thing on Facebook, while Tony had started getting tips
Calming massage
Aroma therapy
Dog yoga
But nothing seemed to work on Kaju.
Kaju kept wreaking havoc, while Tony kept running out of ideas.
Then someone on Facebook said…have you tried music?
And it worked.
Kaju was now a gentleman.
Open up your heart, the world is with you. Facebook.
Company Credits: Oink Films
Individual Credits: Director: Shirsha Guha Thakurta
Individual Credits: Executive Producer: Ramya Rao
Individual Credits: DOP: Vikash Nowlakha
Individual Credits: Editor: Suraj Jagtap
Individual Credits: Music Composer: Subhajit Mukherjee
Individual Credits: Grade: Xavi Santolaya
Individual Credits: Production Designer: Suzanne Caplan Merwanji
Individual Credits: Costume Stylist: Shreya Anand
Individual Credits: Casting: Crackerjack casting
Individual Credits: Set Decorator: Sonal Chowdhury
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