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Ever Changing Game
Client: Head Digital Works Pvt Ltd

Ever Changing Game - - Head Digital Works Pvt Ltd

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Entry Title: Ever Changing Game
Client: Head Digital Works Pvt Ltd
Description: Cricket enjoys the most loyal of fans in India. While following the game, or even playing the game was never easy, almost every fan in the country cherished the challenges they overcame to either follow or play the game they loved. With this insight, we wrote a film that was an audio-visual tribute to the Indian cricket fan and the game itself. We chronical a journey of evolution of cricket in India and how we as fans have evolved with the game. A simple lyrical narrative is accompanied by images that evoke nostalgia in everyone who’s played the game. At the end of our tribute, we introduce as a new chapter in the game’s constant evolution, since it’s the new way to follow the game.
English Translation: Shots into the stands have changed

The ball in hand has changed

Even hair strands have changed

Star players have changed

Matchday prayers have changed

The Game has changed

Gentleman’s Game has changed

Bowler’s luck has changed

Getting a duck….hasn’t changed

Bat weights have changed

Run rates has changed

Fan roars have changed

Keeping scores have changed

Our Cricket is just not the same

So let's change the way we follow the game

Cricket like never before
Company Credits: Ogilvy India
Company Credits: Hungry Films
Individual Credits: Sukesh Nayak, CCO India
Individual Credits: Kainaz Karmakar, CCO India
Individual Credits: Harshad Rajadhyaksha, CCO India
Individual Credits: Mahesh Gharat, CCO South India
Individual Credits: Kiran Anthony, CCO South India
Individual Credits: Sudhir Pai, Associate Creative Director
Individual Credits: Laven Chauhan, Creative Director
Individual Credits: Tithi Ghosh, Managing Partner
Individual Credits: Rajnandini Ghosh, Servicing
Individual Credits: Pratik Mundra, Servicing
Individual Credits: Dharam Valia, Producer
Individual Credits: Vijay Sawant, Director
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