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Mr. Bhuria
Brand: Prompt
Client: Prompt Dairy Tech

Mr. Bhuria - Prompt - Prompt Dairy Tech

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Entry Title: Mr. Bhuria
Brand: Prompt
Client: Prompt Dairy Tech
Description: Lack of refrigeration in rural India leads to millions of tonnes of fresh produce going to waste every year in the country. Also, due to very low rate of literacy, most rural farmers aren’t even aware of the fact that it is bacterial load that hastens the spoilage of milk, especially in a tropical country like India marked by hot temperatures. Our digital film used humour with a quirky narration, to gather the farmers’ attention, and demonstrated a day in the life of Mr. Bhuria - a dairy farmer just like them - whose life is impacted by bacteria spoiling milk in hot temperatures.
English Translation: Prompt MilkoChill – ‘Mr. Bhuria’ Film ENG Subs

This is Mr. Bhuria.

Look how patiently he sits waiting for his fresh batch of milk.
Quite like Mr. Bacteria.
Just that Mr. Bacteria can’t be seen.

Tch tch!
Now where ever the milk goes, Mr Bacteria will follow.

Lady: This milk is spoilt
Mr. Bhuria: Spoilt?

As the milk goes bad, so will business.

So, Mr. Bhuria, better get Prompt’s new Milko-Chill.
This instant milk chiller, chills milk at source and limits bacterial growth.

Prompt MilkoChill milk chiller.
Bacteria doesn’t stand a chance

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