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Handcrafted With Love
Brand: Amazon Karigar
Client: Amazon India

Handcrafted With Love - Amazon Karigar - Amazon India

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Handcrafted With Love
Brand: Amazon Karigar
Client: Amazon India
Description: The word Karigar means an artisan and this film is a tribute to our Indian artisans. India is the home of millions of artisans having their own unique craft, which at times is passed through generations. Based in remote areas, they seldom get to experience the praise their creations get. This film not just presents the many forms of Indian handicrafts in a striking and memorable manner, it also ties them back to the real artists behind these creations.

In order to pay a tribute to these wonderful craftsmen, their talent, passion and love for their craft we set out to create 5 different worlds, with 5 different forms of handicrafts, keeping the film and the sets authentic using real products created by artisans. The first step was to sketch these worlds that we wanted to create. Moving on to concept arts, 3D simulations and then came the biggest challenge - creating these miniature sets using handicrafts. Every element that would make up these worlds had to be scaled down and created with intrinsic detailing. We went on a country-wide hunt to find Indian artisans whose creations came together to finally give shape to these different worlds. The film culminates with all the Karigars bringing together their handicrafts. As we pull out, the viewer realizes that all the products have congregated into a giant thumbprint. A metaphor for the identity of Indian Karigars and their crafts.

It took hundreds of man hours to make every small component of the sets by hand, a fitting tribute to the artisans who craft with their hands. Apart from the detailing, the scale of the sets was checked and rechecked many times to make it authentic, yet cinematic. We had no reference how to create these world, so we decided to create a reference.
Company Credits: Lucifer Circus
Company Credits: Ogilvy Bangalore
Individual Credits: Executive Producer : Gaurav Chanana
Individual Credits: Production Designer : Sabu Cyril
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