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Zidd Kiye Jaa
Brand: MuscleBlaze
Client: Brightlife

Zidd Kiye Jaa - MuscleBlaze - Brightlife

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Zidd Kiye Jaa
Brand: MuscleBlaze
Client: Brightlife
Description: Just because the world stopped, doesn’t mean we have to. There may be gaps, limitations, restrictions, a pandemic but the need to get back and restart is always hard but not impossible. While this philosophy applies to every aspect in life, it also applies to fitness.

I’d like to highlight the discipline, drive and core nature of courage it takes to consistently bringing up the standards of one’s own fitness - physically, mentally and emotionally.
English Translation: Our breath might feel a bit scattered
Our will all over the place
Our walk stilted, shaky
& a sullen lost face
But look at us, still standing
A thousand broken shards of glass
A thousand pieces of our broken hearts
Our shadows wither away
But look at us, still standing
Shabbir, Where is he?
If he wants to win ask him to meet me at the gym 9 sharp.

A broken star burns with even more force
A broken spirit must resurrect with a mighty roar
Our trembling feet must stand this test of time
Our beings and our undying spirits must reconcile
Our shadows must be reclaimed
Let’s drown once again in this sea of our undying spirit
Even if it leaves us gasping for breath
There’s no going back this time
Even if the last fleeting hope deserts us,
its time.

Fighting your own demons is the toughest of all battles
But fighting it is most crucial
To reclaim your undying spirit back
To rewrite your own history.
Memories of broken dreams must be buried
New horizons await your arrival.
Prepare to see the whole world bow down to greet you.
It’s time to reclaim your undying spirit.

Within every restart resides a mighty stubborn, resilient, unforgiving start.
And only those who’s spirits are mightier have the guts to own a restart!

Company Credits: Storytellers
Individual Credits: Director: Arun Gopalan
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