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The Artist
Brand: Savlon
Client: ITC

The Artist - Savlon - ITC

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: The Artist
Brand: Savlon
Client: ITC
Description: The idea behind the story of Swapana was to show her spirit of living life . Ofcourse she is a brilliant foot artist , but her conviction in life to relentlessly enjoy or carry on living life with her feet is the bigger story.

She is not indebted or relying on anyone to carry on her day to life . Even if no one is around she can live life comfortably. Or figured out living life with her feet . Nothing stopped her.

In one of Swapna’s interview in the process of making the film she said .
She did not miss having hands and arms , because she was born like that .
But it was the world around that made her realise that she does not have arms .
Otherwise she had figured her life out without her arms.

So the bigger message in the film was not about being an artist but living life comfortably.
Company Credits: Good Morning Films + Ogilvy India
Company Credits: Ogilvy, Mumbai
Company Credits: Savlon India
Individual Credits: Afshan Hussain Shaikh - Director
Individual Credits: Vikram Kalra - Executive Producer
Individual Credits: Robin D'Cruz - Executive Producer
Individual Credits: Shashanka Chaturvedi - Executive Producer
Individual Credits: Yashveer Singh - Cinematographer
Individual Credits: Afshan Hussain Shaikh - Editor
Individual Credits: Tushar Sivan - Editor
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