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Brand: Google India
Client: Google India
Entrant: dentsu Creative

#JavRun - Google India - Google India

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: #JavRun
Brand: Google India
Client: Google India
Entrant Company: dentsu Creative
Description: YouTube has dominated long-form video content for over 15 years. However, with the emergence of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and local entrants like Moj, Takatak, and Roposo among others reinforcing the SFV category, YouTube was losing relevance and launched YTshorts in 2021 with their single objective being to drive adoption of the platform.

While lockdowns had intensified and the SFV category was beginning to boom, Neeraj Chopra's gold at the Tokyo Olympics 2020-21 in Javelin Throw brought the country together. With India's limited knowledge about his sport, we saw an opportunity to disrupt the usual SFV dance and workout challenge trends.

We partnered with Neeraj and launched the #JavRun challenge on YT shorts, stemming from a noticeable oddity in his run. We then challenged India to replicate Neeraj’s Javelin Run with common household items, to experience his sport in their own way.

With over 1000+ cross-category influencers and popular celebs on Twitter and other SM platforms activating the challenge, we garnered 100k+ creations on YTshorts with 117Mn+ reach across India with 80% GenZ reach and 1.2Bn+ impressions. Moreover, our challenge made it to a KBC question, organically, a true testament to YTshorts’ popularity and relevance in Indian pop culture.
Individual Credits: Arjuna Gaur (Chief Creative Officer)
Individual Credits: Maitri Ramkumar (Creative Director)
Individual Credits: Madhur Shankar Das (AVP - Account Management)
Individual Credits: Yatin Gupta (VP - Account Management)
Individual Credits: Gia Fernandes (Group Creative Director)
Individual Credits: Chirag Thakkar (Creative Director)
Individual Credits: Sudhir Das (Executive Creative director)
Individual Credits: Rumela Chandra (Associate Account Director)
Individual Credits: Taher Indorewala (Account Director)
Individual Credits: Nikhil Chaturvedi, Tithi Desai (Account Management)
Individual Credits: Harsh Shah, Ashit Chakrvarthy (Managing Partner)
Individual Credits: Rema Bagga (AVP - Strategy)
Individual Credits: Akshika Sharma (Senior Strategist)
Individual Credits: Manish Thanvi (Executive Creative Director)
Individual Credits: Kushal Lalvani (Group Head - Copy)
Individual Credits: Shyam Mohan, Farishte Irani (Copywriter)
Individual Credits: Gokulakrishnan R (Creative Director)
Individual Credits: Manish Joseph (Senior Group Head - Motion Graphics)
Individual Credits: Ridhan Herwadkar (Associate Art Director)
Individual Credits: Shreya Muley (Senior Graphic Designer)
Individual Credits: Creative Team: Madhavi Ramane, Soheil K G, Shivangi Bhatia, Harshit Nandu
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