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See Equal #ShareTheLoad
Brand: Ariel
Client: P&G India
Entrant: BBDO India

See Equal #ShareTheLoad - Ariel - P&G India

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Entry Title: See Equal #ShareTheLoad
Brand: Ariel
Client: P&G India
Entrant Company: BBDO India
Description: To accelerate the pace of change and drive an immediate mindset shift, ‘See Equal #ShareTheLoad’ – a provocative social movement by Ariel for the first time took on a defiant tone.

It challenged men and their mindset through a radical question – “why do men share the load with other men, but not with their wives? Is it because they never saw them as equal?” And in doing so inspired women to break their silence and speak up.

Only when you See Equal, you Share The Load.

Not just that, it called out to brands and content creators publicly in an appeal to join Ariel in creating an equal tomorrow. And then it went a step further and turned its packs into a silent protest.
English Translation: Film opens with a middle-aged couple (approx. 45 yes) ringing the doorbell of a house.
As the door opens, we see one man open the door with a broom in his hand.
In the background we hear the ’fifty-fifty’ song playing.
On seeing the middle-aged couple says, “Hello Kamalji, Seemaji, kaise hain… I hope aapko rent ka cheque mil gaya”
To which the landlord says, “haan haan, Seema bas check karna chaahti thi ki tum barabar se settle toh ho gaye na”
Young man 2 from the kitchen: Arre, andar aaiye na… hum bas naashte ki taiyaati kar rahe the. Aap lenge?
The man who opened the door lowers the volume of the stereo. As the middle-aged couple sit they notice how well the the two men have maintained the house. The woman also notices how one man is finishing the sweeping while the other is cooking breakfast.
When the doorbell rings one man answers and see it’s the bhaajiwala come with a delivery. He examines the items and says, “Arre tamatar nahin laaye?”
That’s when the man from the kitchen says, “Nahin maine phone kar ke cancel karvaaye… fridge mein tamatar pade hain”
The man then takes the vegetable bag and goes into the kitchen to help the other guy with the breakfast.
The women nudges her husband and says, “Woh dekho kaise saath mein naashat bana rahe hain”
The husband replies, “Arre iss mein kya hai. College mein jab main Avinash ke saath rehta tha, tab hum bhi saara kaam aise hi barabar baant ke karte the”
That’s when the two men from the kitchen come out with Poha and chai. And one of them accidently spills the tea on the table mat and some of it splashes on the old man’s shirt. (nuance to be discussed with director)
He profusely apologizes and the uncle tells him not to worry., aunty will take care of it The two men immediately jump to action One man takes the mat from the table, the other opens the washing machine that’s visible from the living room. Next, we cut to the elderly couple back in their house. The man instinctively takes his shirt off and hands it to his wife to wash.
As the he moves towards the room in his vest, the woman says, “Tum mujhe apne barabar nahin samjhte na?”
The man stops in his tracks and turns around. And asks, “Matlab?”
To which the wife replies, “Matlab agar tum Avinash ke saath ghar ka saara kaam barabar baant ke kar sakte the, toh phir mere saath kyon nahin?”
We see a look of realization on the man’s face as he moves towards the woman and takes the dirty shirt from her hand. That’s when we cut to the two men getting more clothes out of the washing machine with the Ariel pack on it.
Super: Only when you see someone as equal, you treat them as equal.
Super – See Equal #ShareTheLoad
Company Credits: BBDO India
Company Credits: P&G India
Individual Credits: Suraja Kishore
Individual Credits: Josy Paul
Individual Credits: Hemant Shringy
Individual Credits: Omar Khan
Individual Credits: Varun Shah
Individual Credits: Harshil Shah
Individual Credits: Sharat Verma
Individual Credits: Enakshee Deva
Individual Credits: Ganesh
Individual Credits: Hitesh Shah
Individual Credits: Balakrishnan Gajjeli
Individual Credits: Rakesh Samal
Individual Credits: Sandeep Sawant
Individual Credits: Venkatesh P
Individual Credits: Suhana Sharma
Individual Credits: Shimit Amin
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