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The Siren's Call
Brand: Starbucks
Client: Starbucks APAC
Entrant: Boomranng Studio LLP

The Siren's Call - Starbucks - Starbucks APAC

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: The Siren's Call
Brand: Starbucks
Client: Starbucks APAC
Entrant Company: Boomranng Studio LLP
Description: A one of a kind Augmented Reality Space created for Starbucks, our artwork incorporates Instagram and Facebook filters to bring to life three surfaces of India’s first ever Starbucks Reserve Store. Customers can point their screens at the artwork that stretches from the floor to the ceiling and watch the Siren- the Starbucks’ muse- come alive. The idea is to transport the customers and get them along on a magical journey, one that reassures the warm feeling of drinking coffee. The film walks you through the various stages of making the artwork, the finer intricacies of translating a digital illustration by hand painting an 800 sq ft wall and then taking the corporeal wall back into the digital realm, superimposing a virtual reality onto it.
Company Credits: Boomranng Studio LLP
Company Credits: Big dot studio
Individual Credits: Makarand Narkar - Creative Director/Illustrator/Animator/XR
Individual Credits: Sonal Vasave - Creative Director/Illustrator/Animator/XR
Individual Credits: Mahesh Kamble - Mural Artist
Individual Credits: Tushar Jadyal - Mural Artist
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