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Women In Energy
Brand: Luminous
Client: Luminous
Entrant: AutumnGrey

Women In Energy - Luminous - Luminous

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Entry Title: Women In Energy
Brand: Luminous
Client: Luminous
Entrant Company: AutumnGrey
Description: The Hindi language has gender for all objects. For instance, while a window is female, a door is male. Rain is female while cloud is male.

Similarly, the society we live in has many deep-seated gender roles based on age-old stereotypes. For instance, India sees less than 7% women employed in the energy sectors.

Marrying these two insights, this campaign aims to break stereotypes and assigned job roles in the energy sector.

Luminous, India’s leading power solutions brand, has always pioneered a gender-inclusive workplace with a greater number of female employees across all roles than any other company in the India's energy sector. On International Women’s Day 2023, they wanted to reiterate this philosophy.

Inspired by the real-life story of Babburi Sirisha, the first line woman in a profession previously considered fit only for men, our campaign attempts to break the glass ceiling in a male-skewed industry and present role models to inspire young women to enter the energy sector.
English Translation: Hindi language assigns gender to all living and non living things.
For example, water is male but rain is female. Window is female whereas a door is male.
This film uses this insight to break the stereotypes with gender assigned roles in career.

The film begins with a mother asking her daughter what she learnt in school that day.
The daughter recites the poem that she learnt; 'Machli jal ki rani hai' a famous Hindi nursery rhyme.

The daughter struggles to get the gender right with the language and says Machli jal 'ka' Rani (ka here is the gender that denotes that water is male)
The mother quickly corrects the gender of water from 'Ka' (male) to 'Ki (female) by saying "Machli jal 'ki' rani hai"
The daughter now uses this learning and continues with the poem by saying
Jeevan us'Ki' pani hai (The life of a fish is water)
The mother corrects her again, by remarking that 'Life' is female in Hindi and hence it's not us'Ki' (Ki is female), it's us'Ka' (Ka is male)

The film continues to show how the young girl is getting the gender wrong in most things in everyday life

She tells her dad to rush to the kitchen as the milk is boiling
She says, "Papa papa doodh ubal ra'hi' hai" (Dad the milk is boiling)
(In Ubal ra'hi', hi refers to milk as female)
The dad corrects her by saying it's not ubal ra'hi' (female) it's ubal ra'ha' (as milk is male)

She's now with a friend attempting to say a popular tongue twister which translates to
Chandu's uncle fed Chandu's aunt Chutney with a silverpoon on a moonlit night

She says "Chandu ke chaha ne, chandu ki chahi ko, chandni raat mein, chandi ki chamche se chutney chata'ya' (Here the 'ya' in chataya assigns the gender as female for Chutney, a tangy sauce)
The friend corrects chata'ya' (male) to chata'yi' (as Chutney is female)

She is in the garden with her grandfather and she asks him "when will the flowers bloom?"
Ispe phool kab aye'ga' (ga assigns the gender for flower as male)
However she corrects the grammar herself to kab aye'gi' (since flower is female in Hindi)

We see someone tell her that it's not 'Khaya' (male) to 'Khaayi' (Female)

We now see her do the homework as the power goes out.

She calls to her mothers and tells her that the power's out.

Light chala ga'ya' (ya assigns male gender to electricity or as it's colloquially called as 'light' in India)
The mother replies saying Chali ga'yi' (correcting the gender of electricity from male to female)

The mother adds "I'll call the Lineman"
(A lineman is someone who is employed by power companies and is responsibly for maintenance and servicing of power lines)

While the power is out and the young girl is playing outside, the dad comes out and impatiently asks "Where is the lineman"

The girl responds by saying Woh toh aa ga'yi' (yi refers to female)
The mother again corrects her daughter by saying
It's not aa ga'yi' (female) it's aa ga'ya' (male)
As usually linemen in India are men and hence the title.

This is the first time that the daughter corrects the mother
She confidently says "No mummy, aa ga'yi'"
Which means "She has come"

This is when it is revealed that the lineman is a linewoman, Babburi Shirisha who became the first linewoman in India

The song plays which translates to
Fighting the battles of old traditions
A new flame of change is burning
The darkness has disappeared to bring a new dawn
And everyone is looking towards the light, that is you
Become the light you were always meant to be

The film ends with showcasing role models in the energy sector and within Luminous.
Company Credits: Grey Group
Individual Credits: Anusha Shetty, Chairperson & Group CEO
Individual Credits: Arun Raman, Chief Intelligence Officer
Individual Credits: Atul Pathak, Group Head, Copy
Individual Credits: Dhanashree Mavila, Creative Supervisor, Design
Individual Credits: Deepak Puttaramaiah, Director, Media
Individual Credits: Iman Banerjee, Senior Copywriter
Individual Credits: Jane Sequeira, Sr. Group Head, Copy
Individual Credits: Ketan Desai, COO
Individual Credits: Karan Venkatesh, Sr. Client Services Director
Individual Credits: Kaleemuddin Azeem, Media planning manager
Individual Credits: Lavanya MN, Associate Vice President, Planning
Individual Credits: Nishant Ananthram, Executive Creative Director
Individual Credits: Nishant Sethi, Sr. Creative Director
Individual Credits: Rakesh Gouda, Group Head, Copy
Individual Credits: Sandipan Bhattacharya, MD & CCO
Individual Credits: Sandhya Gurung, Vice President - Client Services
Individual Credits: Sandeep Nambiar, Account Director
Individual Credits: Soumyadeep Ghosh, Sr. Group Head, Video Production
Individual Credits: Sandya Lomati, Sr. Manager, Data Analytics
Individual Credits: Vaishnavi Shetty, Account Executive
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