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Why Is This A Swiggy Ad - BUNDL Technologies Pvt Ltd - Swiggy MP4 2m:05s

Why Is This A Swiggy Ad
Brand: Swiggy
Client: BUNDL Technologies Pvt Ltd
Entrant: Talented

Why Is This A Swiggy Ad - Swiggy - BUNDL Technologies Pvt Ltd

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Entry Title: Why Is This A Swiggy Ad
Brand: Swiggy
Client: BUNDL Technologies Pvt Ltd
Entrant Company: Talented
Description: A week before Diwali, Swiggy dropped an intricately designed, cryptic creative over Social, OOH & Print across India. The image was filled with dozens of clues, easter eggs, pop-culture references & an avatar of Swiggy’s beloved advertising icon: ‘Gulab Jamun Uncle’. All with a simple question - Why Is This A Swiggy Ad? – an elaborate yet simple thought experiment designed to tap into India's (already existing) everyday Swiggy subconscious.

Swiggy went wild featuring the ‘craziest-can’t-believe-I-didn’t-think-of-this’ theories on their social, replying in real-time to each theory stirring the pot, getting users to break their heads for answers, and at one point - 700,000+ people discussing the ad on a livestream. Was there even a right answer?

Winning theories were revealed over an 18-minute video all while establishing what everyone kind of realised by then - If it made you think of Swiggy, it’s a Swiggy ad.

By simply making users 'live the spirit of Diwali' - to get together, discuss, laugh, ponder and have a blast with a 'Swiggy ad' as an excuse, #WITASA became Swiggy's most successful user-generated campaign, & India's most searched question on Google for 3 days!
Company Credits: Talented
Company Credits: Web Dimension
Company Credits: Rooted Films
Company Credits: Stonk Studios
Company Credits: Memetics Media Private Limited
Individual Credits: Aabhaas Shreshtha Amith Nair Aaliya Sheikh Balaji Padmanabhan Gautam Reghunath Karthik Nambiar Leena Gupta Manish Joseph PG Aditiya Prashant Gopalakrishnan Pooja Manek Ritam Mukherjee Sanket Audhi Teresa Sebastian Varun Khiatani
Individual Credits: Nishikant Palande
Individual Credits: Web Dimension Kalpit Dwivedi - Creative Technologist Ram Pratap Singh - Developer & Programmer Sachin Kaushik - Lead Developer Sameer Mohammed - Developer & Programmer Vishal Singh - Developer & Programmer
Individual Credits: Swiggy : Ashish Lingamneni Sneha Elizabeth John Saurabh Nath Viren Noronha
Individual Credits: Memetics : Aman Hussain Saksham Jadon
Individual Credits: Stonk Studios : Anshika Sharma Nikhil Jain Vinay Jain
Individual Credits: Rooted Films : Ayan Saxena Karsh Jhaveri Namrata Basak Ronak Chugh Yash Shanghavi
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