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Meant For More
Brand: Cleartrip
Client: Cleartrip
Entrant: Cleartrip

Meant For More - Cleartrip - Cleartrip

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Meant For More
Brand: Cleartrip
Client: Cleartrip
Entrant Company: Cleartrip
Description: Insight: India ranks third in the world after China and the US in issuing passports. But we tend to use it more like an ID proof than a travel document.

Idea: Personification of the passport. For if a passport could talk, it would urge you to take more trips so it can fulfil its potential and help you see the world. At the time of issuing a passport, the passport has dreams of travelling the world but unfortunately is only reduced to being a government ID proof.
Through this narrative of an upset and angsty passport, who is unfulfilled and agitated with his owner, we created the desire to travel overseas amidst the audiences.

We also introduced supporting offers on International travel :

Youtube (video ads featuring Biswa Kalyanrath and his passport)
LinkedIn (creating a passport’s profile where it’s asking people to fulfil its passion and true potential, making a parody of an NGO who is fighting for the passport’s rights, sending out JDs for travellers and selecting the most deserving passports to travel
PR amplification
Internal campaign within the organisation
Social media amplification
Company Credits: CHR Films
Individual Credits: Omkar Sane
Individual Credits: Anirudh Krishnan
Individual Credits: Sunita Naik
Individual Credits: Saee Kanade
Individual Credits: Divya Jayapal
Individual Credits: Errol Peter Marks
Individual Credits: Punya Poonacha
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