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Red Redemption
Brand: Truecaller
Client: Truecaller
Entrant: The Womb Communication LLP

Red Redemption - Truecaller - Truecaller

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Entry Title: Red Redemption
Brand: Truecaller
Client: Truecaller
Entrant Company: The Womb Communication LLP
Description: In Tier 2-3 India, mobile phones are a window to freedom and self-expression as they rely on it to seek opportunities and have access to a larger world.

However, her accessory to freedom becomes her own enemy, as she's plagued by harassment calls from unknown numbers.

Unable to seek help from her family (she’ll be blamed for “attracting” such calls) or from the police (no proper cybercrime redressal system), she is left feeling helpless and seething inside.

Although Truecaller (Caller-ID & spam-blocking app), provided convenience (identification of unknown calls) and efficiency (which calls to take & which not), it was only popular in urban India.

To appeal to a wider audience, we needed to position Truecaller as a saviour from harassment, going beyond its basic functions.

Drawing inspiration from a cultural practice in India: of publicly shaming perpetrators by plastering their faces with ‘black’ colour, we recontextualised this for Truecaller, which uses the colour ‘red’ to mark illegitimate numbers.

Our film cinematically demonstrates how women can now identify and mark harassers in red on Truecaller, empowering them to help others and take control.
The emotional journey of suppressed anger culminates in a cathartic celebration of regained power and peace.
English Translation: Now we’ll identify those who harass us. With Truecaller, if you have ill intentions, Your call will be red.
Company Credits: Chrome Pictures - Production House
Company Credits: Truecaller - Client
Individual Credits: Navin Talreja - Co-Founder
Individual Credits: Kawal Shoor - Co-Founder
Individual Credits: Mitali Kamat - Strategy Lead
Individual Credits: Neha Punjabi - Strategy Lead
Individual Credits: Rohit Sharma - Creative Lead
Individual Credits: Rajat Pandey - Business Head
Individual Credits: Dhawal Jadwani - Business Lead
Individual Credits: Suyash Khabya - Creative head
Individual Credits: Paritosh Lonkar - Creative lead
Individual Credits: Ankita Sawant - Creative Partner
Individual Credits: Saheef Giriyal - Brand Partner
Individual Credits: Ramanathan Venkataramani - Strategy Partner
Individual Credits: Puja Jhunjhunwala - Strategy Partner
Individual Credits: Gaurav Joshi - Strategy Partner
Individual Credits: Manasi Mankatty - Research Lead
Individual Credits: Kari Krishnamurthy - CCO, Truecaller
Individual Credits: Ashwani Sinha - Vice President, Global Brand Truecaller
Individual Credits: Manan Shah, Marketing Director Truecaller
Individual Credits: Tara Kumar, Brand Manager Truecaller
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